Pullman Miri Waterfront: A New Experience

Pullman is part of the hotels under Accor group, a French multinational group with hotels all over the world.  Pullman Hotels is the name associated to the luxury category  of this international brand.  Needless to say, with a hotel with such reputation and class spread its wings to a small but bustling city such as Miri, it is a big deal!

Pullman Miri is the only international hotel located conveniently in the heart of the city.

They have just recently had their grand opening last September and I’ve been waiting for a chance to experience what this hotel has to offer.  My daughter was extremely excited when we told her that we will be staying in Pullman Miri for a night.

Pullman Miri Waterfront
Pullman Miri is strategically located in the center of town; in the new and upcoming chic avenue of Miri’s ‘happening’ waterfront area.  (Picture taken from Pullman Hotel website)

This is not the first Pullman Hotel I’ve stayed in, the first being Pullman Bangsar which I really loved too.  The one thing which I’ve found to be common in all Pullman Hotels is the very modern and unique designs which is an attraction by itself.  By the way, Pullman Miri is the 2nd international hotel to set foot in Miri and is it the only international hotel located in the city center.

At 24-storey high, Pullman Miri Waterfront is now the record holder for the tallest building in Miri!  Imagine the kind of views you will get from the top floor!


For me, the most important thing in a hotel is the room, everything else is secondary.  My family and I stayed in the most basic room, the Superior Room.  The first impression when I first entered my room was… “Wow”.  Wow because for the most basic room, it is big.  Wow because the colour theme was so pleasant and welcoming that I just felt like staying in the room the whole day lazing around.  The white-gray and dark wood theme it makes the room very soothing to the eyes.

Huge Floor Space
First impression: Wow, such a huge floor space for the most basic room of the hotel.  Can’t feel the space?  Look at the next picture!
Generous floor space
Very generous floor space for even the most basic room.


The bed was extremely comfortable with billowy pillows, silky smooth sheets, puffy comfortable and mountains of pillows!  I slept throughout the night like a log!  If there weren’t any penalties for late check-out I swear I’m going to be glued to the bed until someone pries me out!


As for the room’s amenities, it is what one would expect from a 5-star hotel.  The usual complimentary mineral water, tea & coffee making facilities are all there.  The iron and ironing board was a plus for me as I was able to make sure my clothes were without crease after coming out from the luggage.  Extremely useful if you have an important function to attend.


The bathtub was situated right next to the window with a view, it was a good thing the blinds could be closed for privacy!  Apart from the normal shower head, the bathroom was also fitted with the ‘rain-shower’.

USB Charging Port
One of the most unique and handy feature that their hotel rooms have is the USB Charging panel right next to the bedside!  So convenient that it saves up the need to have an electricity socket taken up by the phone charger.   Oh and by the way, did I mention there’s also complimentary WiFi throughout the hotel?
A view of the city
The view from the room was also fantastic; Miri’s river mouth, bustling with vessels and even little fishermen boats coming in and out from the sea.


The lobby of Pullman Miri Waterfront is uniquely designed.  Like the rooms, the lobby is also very spacious with a waiting area in the center equipped with modern chairs and sofas.

Universe of planets
The lantern-like lights hanging above makes the whole lobby area feels as if it is a universe with complete with its own planets of different sizes.


Different views of the waiting area.  So many different types of chairs and sofas that comes in many shapes and colours.  I personally prefer sitting in the chair with the cage-like sides!

Le Cafe
Just beside the waiting area is Le Café, the hotel’s café serving various pastries and cakes.  I saw plenty of businessmen having their discussion here.  Oh by the way, currently Le Café is having a promotion; it’s called “Lepak @ Le Café” in which an order of their coffee or tea you get a complimentary dessert or savoury item.  Quite worth it for you and your friends to catch up here.
Intriguing designed washroom
A quick stop to the lobby’s washroom gave me a chance to discover another wonder of the hotel!  I think Pullman Miri wins the most uniquely designed washroom, with its intriguing concept of the wash basins located smack in the center of the washroom.


Not far from the café, just besides the reception is the entrance to the hotel’s restaurant conveniently called Pullman Kitchen.  The restaurant is divided into two main sections; the upper and the lower.  The upper section is seated closer to where all the food is while the lower section is suitable for big groups.

Delight to dine in
The restaurant is a delight to dine it, as like the lobby and rooms, floor space is ample.  For buffets, the restaurant is divided into 4 main sections that lessens congestions when taking food (not shown in pictures).


For many families, the swimming pool tend to be an important feature of a hotel.  Pullman Miri offers an infinity pool on the 7th floor which overlooks the river mouth which opens into the South China Sea.

Infinity Pool
The swimming pool, although it is plainly shaped, it is compensated by the marvelous infinity view of Miri river which divides Pulau Melayu to the left and east of Miri city to the right.  I can imagine myself dipping in the pool enjoying my orange juice, resting by the edge of the infinity pool just watching the boats coming in and out of the river.
Kids Pool
There is a kids pool area at the other end of the adult pool.  As you can see, my daughter already made herself at home.  Behind her is the fence which separates the adult pool from the kids pool.


Other than that, there are shower cubicles located near the kids pool and even a mini playground for the kids.

In my opinion, the best part of the pool is not the pool itself, but the Jacuzzi that is located just a few steps above the pool.  The Jacuzzi (some people call it the jet-pool) was thoughtfully designed such that it is elevated and you will still get a fantastic view with that elevated height.  Ah, this is life, lying against the wall of the Jacuzzi with its underwater jets of water massaging my body while I just daydream into the view of beautiful Miri.

Oh by the way, there are actually two Jacuzzis there; one for the male and one for the female.  TIP: The male Jacuzzi has the better view.  Sorry ladies!

The best part of the pool is the Jacuzzi which is located just a step above the pool and with its smartly raised level, the view is equally fantastic!

Sauna Room
The steam and sauna room (two separate rooms) are located just beyond the Jacuzzis, and like the Jacuzzis there are also the steam/sauna rooms for male and another totally separate section for the female.
The gym is equipped with all the state of the art gym equipment.  The users of the gym has a view that looks out directly into the pool area.


The Fit & Spa Lounge is located on the same floor as the pool and gym.  The long corridor that is equipped with comfortable sofa and massage chairs, leads into the four very spacious treatment rooms.


Here’s a typical arrangement in the treatment rooms; a bed for the different massage of your choice such as the Fit & Spa Signature Massage (which consist of a combination of Malay urut, Chinese Tui Na and Indian Abyanga Massage) and a tub for any bath such as floral bath, milk & honey bath or the detoxifying salt bath.


There is also a dedicated room specially for manicure and pedicure.


The highest floor of Pullman Miri (24th Floor) is the Pullman Club Floor or also called the Executive Floor.  There is a club lounge on this floor with large windows on both sides that overlooks the different views of Miri (the river mouth view and the new Marina Bay area view).

The club floor lounge also has an outdoor balcony area for patrons who prefer to dine while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

I came up to the club floor during sunset and managed to capture this lovely view of the sun already tucking itself under the horizon.
Romantic setting
At the time when I was on the club floor, there were some staff preparing a candlelight dinner table for two.  The final touches on the table was supervised by the head chef himself.  This is a special couple package that is available upon request.  The couple gets to have the whole area to themselves while being served personally by the hotel’s head chef.


Surrounded by candles of all sizes, this candlelight dinner is on the highest floor in Miri, how much more romantic can this get?

Declaration of love
A great place to declare your love to the person that matters most in your life.
Dusk settles
Before I knew it, I was so engrossed into watching the staff prepare the candlelight dinner table that I didn’t realize that the sunset has given way and dusk has settled in.  The street lights below now radiating their yellow glow with the white and red streaks on the cars.  The sky a tone of purple and dark pink as the setting sun tries to give out its last few cosmic rays for the day.
Favourite shot of the day
Here’s one of my favourite shots; the same view of Miri river mouth that I took during the day a few hours earlier, now taken during the night with the hotel’s swimming pool fully illuminated from the pool lights.


What about the food?  Unfortunately, the day that I was there, there was no buffet dinner available, instead we ordered Ala Carte from the menu, trying out those that were marked as signature dishes.   However, we did manage to try the buffet breakfast the next morning.

Two types of buns were provided free-of-charge as our appetizers; plain bun and butter bun.


My wife ordered the Lamb Shanks, which to our delight was quite a nice dish.  The fragrant rice that came together with it blended extremely well with the lamb.  The lamb itself was perfectly prepared that it was not too cooked, just nice and tender and the meat came off the bones without effort.

Rib Eye Steak
I chose the Rib-Eye Steak and the waiter asked how would I like the meat; medium-done I answered.  The dish that was served was accurately prepared to my request and I was really satisfied with it.  Nothing more satisfying than ending the night with an accurately prepared beef, slightly firm but not too firm, pinky and juicy at each cut.   Yum yum.


My daughter decided for the Fish & Chips.  The batter was golden crisp and crunchy and the cod was succulently nice and flaky.


The Head Chef actually came out to talk to us and he recommended us to try the in-house made sorbet.  He prepared us three different flavours of sorbet and his recommendation was spot on!  The caramel sorbet was really nice but my favourite was definitely the mint sorbet.  There’s actually a secret ingredient in the mint sorbet but I’m not sure if I am allowed to share it here.  Please ask the Chef himself when you see him!  The taste still lingers in my mind until today!

Contrasting Colours
The salad bar of Pullman Kitchen.  I love how the different bright coloured bowls contrast with the blank wall and dark cabinets.  I noticed they even colour coordinates the colours of the fruits to the colours of the bowls.


Some of the various salad dishes available.

Action Bar
They call this the action bar where the chefs would prepare dishes in front of you.  Here is where you can get dishes such as teppanyaki and omelets.
Pastries Bar
The pastries bar is designed to be circular with the pastries being placed all around the circle.


All the different type of buns for your selection.

Hash Browns
Hash Browns
Beef Ham
Beef Ham
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry
Beef in soy sauce
Beef in soy sauce



Desserts which the kids will certainly appreciate!

Tiring day
After such a tiring day with so much to do, my daughter is ready to go to bed.  The smile on her face says it all; she has had a great time!  I have to be prepared for the next few days where she will surely ask, “Daddy, when will we stay in Pullman again?”.


It was indeed a fun time in Pullman Miri.  I must admit that at first I was not expecting much from the hotel.  Originally, from the outlook, it looked much more of a business hotel than a ‘fun’ hotel for a family.  However, all the things that we did today proved otherwise.

The infinity pool was great but the Jacuzzi was even better!   All the other points also contributed greatly to enjoyment of the stay; extra large room, extremely comfortable bed, bed-side USB charging port and fantastic views of Miri.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to try the buffet dinner yet, but I am really looking forward to try the Le Mache buffet dinner one day.

One last thing which I have not mention and is important to all hotels is the staff.  From the moment I checked-in, the staff was exceedingly helpful and courteous.  Every time I crossed path with a staff member, they would always greet me, at most they would even smile genuinely.  Thank you for making me feel at home!

We would definitely arrange another ‘staycation’.  For me, the Jacuzzi with the view is the winning point.  I could just stay in there for hours enjoying the  jet water massaging my body while I enjoy the marvelous view and still keep an eye on my daughter who plays in the kids pool and playground.

Goodnight Miri!
Before I bid the world goodnight, here’s my last glimpse from Pullman Miri Waterfront before I retire for the night.   Good night Miri!



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