Modesto Bistro & Grill Sungkai Buffet 2016


When it comes to western food, Modesto Bistro & Grill has certainly made a name for themselves for their delicious food over the years.  This Ramadhan, they are offering all their best and crowd-favourite dishes in their Sungkai Buffet, and that is not all!  They are also partnering with their sister restaurants to provide you with as much variety of food, more than enough for your picking.


Lof Bakery for their tasty cakes and pastries, TwinklePan for their delicious pretzels, Dapur Penyet for their Indonesian recipes  and Hippo & Bees for their famous Korean ice-cream, all available in Modesto’s Sungkai Buffet this year.

Situated at Batu Bersurat, same block as Shabulicious and a few rows behind Happy Star, Modesto Bistro &  Grill is equipped with modern & colourful luxury seats and tables that are arranged with generous spacing and plenty of room to ensure their patrons has a comfortable time during their dine-in.


Click on the map to enlarge.

Modesto’s Sungkai spread is very well organized.  There’s a section for the appetizers and main courses, another section for the bread and buns together with the fruits, another ‘hot’ section that serves the carvings such as the roasted chicken and lamb as well as the pasta and another section for all the different types of desserts you could ever want.

I took many pictures during the buffet, too many that I cannot include them all in this post.  To view all the pictures, have a look at my FB’s album here:


Here are the appetizers that were available that day.  My favourite is the Mini Pizza Cowboy and the Baked Mussels.  The Salsa and Chips were also a nice addition to the appetizers.


The Appetizers selections which includes the tasty Chicken Velveteen Soup

Mini Cowboy Pizza
Mini Cowboy Pizza
Baked Mussels
Baked Mussels


Various buns and pastries for your choosing

Bread & Buns
Bread & Buns
Very refreshing drinks
Very refreshing drinks


I found myself ‘attacking’ the main course most of the time compared to the other sections.  I suppose I’m a meat eater hence this was my favourite section of all, and my favourite dish here was the Grilled Lamb Chops!  I have always been a lover of lamb chops, so naturally this is my favourite.  Baked Salmon is also my favourite here!

Main Course
The main course spread; an impressive selection of many of my favourite dishes.
Grilled Lamb Chop
Grilled Lamb Chop


Picture: (Left) Grilled Sirloin Steak in Mushroom Sauce. (Right) Prawn Skewers.

Baked Salmon
Baked Salmon with Salsa Medley. I couldn’t get enough of this! I’m a sucker for Salmon!


Picture: (Left) Mixed Vegetables. (Right) Pan Roasted Chicken Breast.

Chicken Satay.
Can’t go wrong with a perfect Chicken Satay.


Picture: (Left) Creamy Mashed Potato. (Right) Fried Rice.


The carving section offered their Roasted Lamb Leg and Roasted Chicken, both of which is undeniably delicious.  I noticed that pasta section was also ‘hot’ among the crowd.  The chef was preparing making the dishes ‘made-to-order’ to ensure the pasta dish is served to you while its fresh and hot!

Freshly carved Roast Lamb Leg
Freshly carved Roast Lamb Leg


Picture: (Left) Roasted Lamb Leg. (Right) Roasted Chicken.

Roast Lamb Leg
Made to Order
Chef preparing the pasta ‘made-to-order’ so that you get it freshly cooked and still hot with the flavours.
Pasta Ala Carbonara
Pasta Ala Carbonara
Seafood Aglio Olio
Seafood Aglio Olio


Most buffets that I have been to usually offers plenty of main course dishes, but does not provide a similar abundance in choices for their desserts.  At Modesto’s Sungkai Buffet, you will be spoilt for choice even at their desserts section; from old fashioned traditional cakes all the way to the modern cakes.  Modesto is also reviving the old-school cakes which was the favourites during the yesteryears.

Dessert selections
Brunei’s No.1 Food Blogger Thanis showing off the dessert selections to his viewers
Old School Cake
Old-School Cakes that was once the ‘hot cakes’ back in the yesteryears.


Picture: (Left) Various cupcakes and puddings. (Right) Teh Tarik Cendol.

Blueberry Cheese Tarts & Mini Egg Tarts
Blueberry Cheese Tarts & Mini Egg Tarts


Various cakes

Colourful Macaroons
Colourful Macaroons
Sugar Candy
Sugar Candy
Fruits & Dips
An impressive arrangement of fruits and the dips
Fruit Platter
Very beautifully carved and well presented fruit selections


All that delicious looking food, I could not wait to be able to have a go at it myself.. but sabar.. sabar.  As much as I would have loved to dig in together with the rest, being able to capture all these smiling faces enjoying their Sungkai was the most rewarding!

Time to dig in!
Time to dig in! I love the twinkle lights above the dishes.
Mandy & Salt delighted with the choices
Mandy & Salt delighted with the choices
Nabilah 'attacks' the desserts corner first
Nabilah ‘attacks’ the desserts corner first
Happily ever after
Happily ever after… with their food
My own selections!
My own selections! As you can see I’m a meat eater. 😉 Camera gets to eat first!
What? Second round already???
What? Second round already???


Picture: (Left) The No.1 Brunei Foodie trying his hand at preparing his famous Thanis’ Pasta. (Right) The proud chef presenting his Spicy Cheesy Lamb Pasta.  Delicious!

Spicy Cheesy Lamb Pasta!
The finished product, the masterpiece of No.1 Food Blogger Thanis. Spicy Cheesy Lamb Pasta!
Korean Ice Cream
Last but of course not least, the creamy Korean ice cream from Hippos & Bees. Must have!
Outside Patio
Patrons has the option of enjoying their meals outside in the fresh air at their sidewalk tables, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd inside where you can enjoy the ambiance of the candlelit tables with your loved ones.

To keep the menu interesting, Modesto has a different menu for each day of the week.  Please refer to the menu below to check the dishes being served on the respective days.


Click to enlarge!
Picture: (Left) Menu for Monday – Wednesday. (Right) Menu for Thursday – Sunday.

You might also be interested to read Brunei’s No.1 Food Blogger’s take on Modesto’s buffet here:

I took many pictures during the buffet, too many that I cannot include them all in this post.  To view all the pictures, have a look at my FB’s album here:

Be sure not to miss out Modesto’s Sungkai Buffet this year!  For any enquiries or reservation, please call (+673) 233 2000 or (+673) 720 9777.

See you at Modesto!
Here’s Chef Phoebe and Chef Jamie saying “See You at Modesto!”

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