The Café for Dogs: Furry Fiesta, Miri

There’s a new place in town where you can relax by bonding with dogs of different breeds and sizes, while having a nice meal to catch up with your friends.  It’s called Furry Fiesta.  Come and say hi to the doggies around, have a picture or two taken with them, pat them or even give them a cuddle, share the love!
p.s. please read until the end of this post for some special offers that Furry Fiesta has for you.

Posing at the photobooth

Couple posing with cutie

Sharing the love

The idea of dog cafes is not new in this world, however, most dog cafes are focused on serving good lattes and finger-food, whereas Furry Fiesta offers the full-range of meals for both people and even dishes for their four-legged friends.

Located in Miri’s new Marina Bay Commercial Area, it is a good place to have a quick lunch (less parking congestion there!) or have your dinner after a nice evening stroll along the Marina’s walkway by the beach.


The place has a beautiful corner for a photobooth complete with a trishaw with floral backdrop for anyone who would like to take a picture with their furkids, or other furkids that are around. Your furkids can also relax and fall asleep with the air-conditioned surrounding while getting their furs gently caressed by the breeze from the fans.  The warm lighting and various cute posters provides a warm and cosy atmosphere for the dog lovers alike.

Brackets for securing
If your furkid is one of the ‘hyper’ ones, fear not as there are brackets around the pillars that can be used to secure them.
Ever seen a husky up close?
Ever seen a husky up close?  Not one but two beautiful huskies who are not camera shy came that night.
Come say hi
Another young guest saying hi to Balu the blind dog.  Yes, he’s literally blind and can only recognize things based on smell and sound.
True love?
Two new fur friends sniffing each other out.  It is a great place for your furkid to learn how to socialize and to meet other fur friends… maybe even find true love?


Sit your furkid on your lap and enjoy the candle light dinner together.


Furry Fiesta’s range of dishes are quite a lot, ranging from asian-styled dishes to the western-styled and even dishes for your fur kids.  More importantly, they are all delicious.

Penang Curry Fish
Penang Curry Fish, this would be my favourite dish of the day.  I’m not really a fish dish person, but this dish is an exception.
Thai Green Curry
The Thai Green Curry is also very good, with it’s flavorful curry gravy that is moderately spicy allowing even those who doesn’t take spicy food.
Crispy Chicken
This is definitely my another one of my favourite; Crispy Chicken.  For me, the best part of this is the delicious crispy skin!
Yellow Wine Chicken
Yellow Wine Chicken, another dish of hakka origins. Made with potent rice wine and is considered as a highly nutritious dish especially for the ladies.
Slice Yam Pork
Slice Yam Pork, a kind of hakka origin dish.  The marriage of the tender layered pork just goes so well with the soft yam and sauce.
BBQ Pork
BBQ Pork, the universally loved dish that is best enjoyed with beer.
Pork Rolls
Pork Rolls, wonderfully wrapped spring rolls of tender pork.
BBQ Chicken Wings
BBQ Chicken Wings, simple and surely a no-brainer for the kids.
Hollandaise Chicken Chop
Hollandaise Chicken Chop, an smooth emulsion of of egg yolk and liquid butter to accompany the finely grilled chicken chop.
Grilled Chicken Garlic Cheese Bake
Grilled Chicken Garlic Cheese Bake, a unique dish that has the chicken served straight from the oven, wrapped aluminum to preserve all the flavours from the garlic and cheese!
ABC Doggy Yummy Yummy
A dish for your beloved furkid: ABC Doggy Yummy Yummy, as the name goes, your furkid will definitely love this!
Furry Lamb Special
Another alternative dish for your furkid, the Furry Lamb Special!
Happy Family
One happy family having dinner with their lovely furkids.


Celebrities which I met that day!  Romeo (the white pomeranian in red gray stripes) wins my heart.

Letting our kids learn
Letting our kids learn to love canines early.  If your children does not have any experience with dogs, this would be a nice place to start, where they can pat and even feed them, and learn to love them.
Romeo just chillin’ and enjoying the ambience.
Fall asleep!
Our four-legged friends aren’t that different from us.  After eating and filling the stomach, they would get lazy and eventually fall asleep!  Well, all except for Pepe the brown dog still standing in the center!


When it is time to go home, you would probably need to carry your furkid away as they take one last glance of their other friends one last time to say goodbye.

Furry Fiesta strongly encourages you to bring your furkids!  Bring your furkids and get a 10% discount on all the Asian & Western food that you order!
Other than that, Furry Fiesta can also organize a special birthday party for your furkid with a free special birthday gift!

Furry Fiesta is located in Miri’s new Marina Bay Commercial area: Lot 2028, Ground Floor Marina Square, Phase 1, Miri.  Their opening hours are 10.30 am – 12.00 midnight daily.  Please contact Connie should you have any enquiries or bookings at +60 12 7273272.


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