Beesket: The D.I.Y. 100% Natural Juice

Let’s face it.  Most of us (including myself) hates drinking fruit juices.  The more someone tells you “no sugar added… no artificial flavouring added”, the more turned off we are.  Sure, it’s healthy.  Sure, it’s good for us.  But it could take us forever to finish a glass, if we even manage to finish it.  Hands up if you’re one of us!

Rejoice! For now comes a fruit juice method guaranteed that anyone will love it… even the little ones who dreads the idea of being given any fruit juice.  Trust me, after the first sip, your child will drag you to order again the next time!

Introducing beesket, a very different approach to fruit juices: the latest juice franchise that comes all the way from Korea!  More importantly, the juices are all 100% natural ingredients that are prepared fresh and does not add any artificial additives or sugar!  Beesket Brunei has recently opened its first outlet in KB Sentral Mall.

Beesket Brunei (2)

Beesket Brunei (4) Beesket Brunei (5)

Beesket introduces a very different approach to fruit juices.


The first thing to do is to determine what fruit juice you would like to have.

Beesket Brunei (6) Beesket Brunei (7)

Surely you will find your favourite fruits among the abundant choices available.  Choose 3 of your favourite fruits.  The choices are available in the different coloured capsules placed in the hive-like shelves (hence the word ‘bees’).  Located above the capsules is a guide of common combinations that people normally choose.








These above combination guides were taken from Beesket’s website.  I’m so gonna try the combination for  ‘bling-bling my skin’ and ‘immunity shield’ the next time I am there!

Beesket Brunei (8) Beesket Brunei (9)

The capsules that you have chosen will then be placed into the holder (hence the word ‘ket’ which would be short for basket).

Beesket Brunei (12) Beesket Brunei (13)

Once you are satisfied with your choices, place the beesket (the holder containing the capsules) on the cashier counter.

Beesket Brunei (14)

Just like magic, the system will automatically recognize your fruit choices and display the list of fruits that you have selected on the screen.  For those who are concern with the calories intake, the screen conveniently includes the calories(Kcal) associated with your selection!

Beesket Brunei (21)

All fruits are FRESH and you can clearly see this standing anywhere around the counter.

Beesket Brunei (20) Beesket Brunei (15)

Fresh fruits of your selection are taken and weighted before being placed into the blender.

Beesket Brunei (18)

Watch and drool while your delicious drink is being prepared in front of you.

Beesket Brunei (17)

Beesket Brunei (10)

Taadaa!… and your drink is ready in no time.  Together with your drink, there is included a Beesket Score Card.  On the card are details of your fruit selections, together with the calories associated as well as the detailed breakdown of each nutrient contained in your drink, such as how much Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  In addition to that, you can also leave your feedback on the card.

By the way, did I mention that Beesket juices are 100% fresh natural ingredient without any artificial additives or sugar?  Beesket’s ingenious system makes it possible for you to know your calories and nutritional informations at a glance, even before you confirm your order!

Beesket Brunei is located in KB Sentral Mall, 1st Floor.  You will be able to spot it as soon as you step off the escalator from the ground floor to the 1st floor.  Personally, I have never been a fan of fruit juices.  I don’t remember having any cravings for any fruit juice until I had beesket’s.  Now I find myself craving for beesket every so often.  Trust me, you will love it too!


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