Escape Room Miri: The Real-Life Puzzle Game

One of the popular activities that is catching up in Miri is the real-life escape rooms.  There are already some misconceptions associated to these escape rooms that has hindered many to experience what could be a fun-filled time for them.   Some of these common misconceptions includes “Eee.. don’t want.. I’m scared”, or “Aiyaaaa… only for kids la”, or “Safe or not oh?”.

Generally, the escape room is all about teamwork and working together to solve puzzles that comes in many forms (number locks, key locks, jigsaws, deciphering codes, and many more).  As you progress, solving one of the puzzle will bring you to many other puzzles, essentially bringing you to the last puzzles which will lead to your final escape from the room.  Sounds fun and easy?  To add to the already challenging puzzles, you are given a 45 minute time limit to solve the puzzles and escape the room…. or else a monster will come eat you (just kidding!).

Escape Room Miri has given me the exclusive opportunity to review and uncover the mystery behind what exactly is an escape room all about.  A few things to note before going into the story:

  • The pictures featured here does not show a whole view of the rooms; there are clues to solving some of the puzzles on the walls, therefore those areas were  avoided.
  • Not all puzzles and mysteries are featured to preserve the element of surprise and fun
  • The pictures were shot when an actual session of Escape Room was ongoing.
  • As much as possible, I tried to preserve the atmosphere and ambience of the rooms; only using flash where necessary to light up certain areas where it was too dark.

By the way, please read on all the way to the end, there is a special offer waiting for you and your group!

Now Let’s have a look at the some pictures of Escape Room Miri.

Escape Room Miri Building
A view of Escape Room Miri’s building located directly opposite the new Permaisuri Imperial City Mall.  The building is painted with very contrasting yellow and black theme.
Here’s the main lobby of Escape Room Miri which offers ample space for big groups.  Posters of all the different available themes are seen hanging on the wall; some looks kiddish while some looks downright scary!
A look at the shelf behind the counter reveals some very interesting props.
Torchlights are the essential items needed in most of the rooms as the rooms are mostly extremely dim on purpose to add to the atmosphere of the session.  NOTE: Not all players in the group are provided a torchlight, making it even more important to work together.

CST_5574 CST_5617
Picture: (Left) Combination locks are one of the obstacles you will meet in the challenge.  The combination to these locks are usually given in the form of clues or puzzles scattered around the room. (Right) Even the decorative clock in the main lobby is themed yellow and black!


This is perhaps the hardest decision your group will need to make.  Currently there are 5 themes to choose from ranging from beginner to challenging fun to all out scary.  Let me help you categorize these themes for you so you have a better understanding.

  • FUN & EASY:  ‘Up’ theme room.  Suitable for beginners and kids.  If you come in a big family, and you have around 4 or more kids, put them all into the ‘Up’ theme.  They will for sure enjoy themselves!
  • CHALLENGING THAT IS NOT SCARY: ‘The Mummy’ and ‘The Mysterious Room’ will be the best for this.  Many teens, and some adults have the fear of getting shocked in the game.  These two rooms are the most suitable for those who has this fear as it is quite mild in terms of its scariness yet quite challenging for most people.
  • BRING IT ON! I FEAR NOTHING!: If adrenalin rush, body parts, ghosts, sudden loud cries are things that turns you on, then take on the ‘Slaughter House’ or the ‘Heaven & Hell’ themes.  These two rooms has all these elements enough to make some people want to pee in their pants (literally).

I hope that with my review here, it will give you a better understanding on the different room themes in helping you to choose your team’s challenge.


If your group consist mostly of adults or teens, then I suggest going for ‘The Mummy’ room.

The Mummy Room
Here’s an overview of how ‘The Mummy’ first room looks like.  This is typically how you will start the game; you are locked inside the room and must first explore the surroundings for clues.  The countdown timer starts as soon as the you are locked inside.
Mr. Skeleton
Nothing is left unturned when looking for clues.  Mr. Skeleton is finally getting the attention that he seeks after so many centuries of waiting.
Just like in a movie!
Advancing to the next room brings you to more puzzles and clues.  The Mummy room is one of my favourite because of the sophisticated equipment (see a green beam laser? Just like in a movie!)


‘The Mysterious Room’ is a bit harder than ‘The Mummy’, so it would be good if you try ‘The Mummy’ first before going for ‘The Mysterious Room’.

CST_5506 CST_5509
Picture: (Left) We stumbled upon a A bookcase full of books, which one of these books would hold the clue needed to open one of the combination locks? (Right) When we finally managed to open the chest with the combination lock, we found more clues!  Sunglasses in a chest?

We finally reached a point in the room where we literally had to crawl under beams of lasers.  To make matters more intense, smoke starts to fill the room!  We were careful not to touch the lasers which will result in an automatic deduction of time left to escape the room.
A card reader
Every room uses some form of sophisticated equipment.  In the Mysterious Room, we found a SD Card from inside the chest.  Eventually we found a table with a card reader which contains a video clip that makes no sense to us at first.
Opening a safe
A person with experience in opening a safe would definitely be a benefit to the team.  Michael tries his luck at the safe with the combination of numbers which we found from some of the clues.


Before going into the scary rooms, let me share with you how the Up theme room looks like.  If you are coming to play escape room with in a big family, I suggest the adults take on the more challenging themes and let the kids take on this ‘Up’ room.  They will really enjoy themselves.

The Up Room
The ‘Up’ room gets its name from the animation with the same name, ‘Up’.  It is a very colourful themed room with many cute and lovely props and lots of balloons!  Jesse and Alina examines the life-sized toy-soldier for clues.

CST_5446 CST_5448
Picture: (Left) A lot of attention has been spent on the details of the room. Every corner is just as colourful and lovely as the other.  There’s even a lovable and huggable teddy bear sitting at one corner.  (Right) Alina tries the combination of the lock with the clue that Jesse discovered.

More puzzles
A chess board, some alphabets and a calculator?  What to do with these clues?  Part of the challenge is always to determine what to do with the clues, especially when there’s more than one clue involved.
Balls balls balls!
These coloured balls makes me feel like jumping into it and relive my childhood days.  The only thing that’s stopping me from doing is the fear that I might destroy any clues in there. (Actually I shy… don’t want to show my true colours to the kids! *Maintains adult mature look*)


Are you ready for the scary stuff?  Heaven & Hell is a moderately scary theme.  There’s only a bit of body parts littered here and there but that is not the main scare!  Leave it to you and your group to experience it!  😉

Heaven & Hell Room
This is the first room of Heaven & Hell theme.  Not so scary right? This is actually just the ‘Heaven’ part of the whole theme, hence the dropped angel feathers and bright light from up above.  As usual, your team has to start by exploring the area for clues.
No object is left unturned.  Achi examines the candles on the altar while Fysza examines the bouquet of flowers.  But wait, did they notice the two big red buttons behind them?
Into hell
Finally found our way into hell.  Look what was waiting for us as we entered!  Almost had a heart attack myself.
Do we really need to go in there?
What? Another room? This time the gate is locked with a padlock that needs a key.  The question is, do we really need to go in that room?  There seems to be more scary stuff waiting inside; its quite faint, but I can just barely make out the creepy shape.  Proceed with caution!


This, my friends, would be the scariest of the lot.  Not for the faint hearted, and not for those who wants to be able to sleep peacefully at night.  Chopped up body parts, blood splatter everywhere on the floors and on the walls, smell of rot sounds like things that will make you nauseous, then please do not take on this theme!

The Slaughter House
Here’s a picture of the first room of the Slaughter House theme.  The picture is black and white on purpose; so that you get to experience and feel for yourself the real grotesque atmosphere in the room.  What do you expect from a SLAUGHTER HOUSE; blood everywhere and body parts kept in unexpected places.
Keep Out!
The doors to the big freezer is sealed.  There are already many dismembered body parts laying around the room, what other horror awaits us behind these metal doors?  Are we really going to open this door when the bloody sign on it says “KEEP OUT”?
Read Aloud
What about the inscriptions on this fridge door?   Fysza reads the sentence aloud for her teammates to listen.  Perhaps its the clue needed to open the freezer doors?
The opening
Finally, the freezer doors are opened.  What other horror awaits us in the freezer?  A silhouette of something frightening hangs right in front of us, swaying slowly with its blood covered plastic.

So there you have it!  The 5 different rooms that I have conveniently categorized into 3 easy categories for you.   Needless to say, I was really impressed with the amount of attention given to all the room decorations and props.  Even the puzzles of each room has been very well thought of and researched before being implemented as part of the theme.  All these factors come together to make a perfect experience for you and your friends to enjoy!


Emergency? No worries.
For emergency purposes, an intercom is provided to every group that are playing.  Each group is also allowed to ask for a maximum of TWO hints if they find themselves stuck and out of ideas on how to proceed.


The Brains
This is the CPU that powers every room.  It is programmed to react to the activities of those that are playing in the room.  For example, when the participants reaches a certain area, it will activate a sound, or if the participants managed to solve one of the puzzles, it releases a latch that will open a door to the next room.  It is with this central processing unit that makes it possible the players to have the best experience of a real-life escape room.
Hall of Fame
At the end of it all, if your team manages to escape within the 45 minutes, you guys stand the chance to have your group picture taken and pasted on the WEEKLY CHALLENGE’s Hall of Fame according to each themed room.
Group picture
Regardless of whether your group successfully escapes the room or not, you will get your group photo taken at the Escape Room’s wall.  Get creative with your poses!  The group of people in this picture are the dedicated staff of Escape Room Miri which motto is to ensure that each one of you leaves Escape Room Miri with full satifaction and great memories!
Not satisfied with just wacky poses?  Get even more creative with the many different variety of props available at the counter to make that perfect group picture!  Here’s the Escape Room Miri’s team version of silliness.  What do you think?  I’m not sure if they were going for the scary look or the scarily insane look!


Call now!
What are you waiting for?  Mr. Skeletor is waiting to give you and your group a thriller of a time.  Call +60 16 886 0606 or +60 11 1989 2505 to make your bookings now!  Don’t make him wait too long!  He’s ‘dying’ to meet you!


Good news people!  Escape Room Miri has teamed up with Cyril’s Canvas to offer you a package which will benefit you when you come with your friends.  Buy 3, Free 1!  Which means, if you come in groups of 4, the 4th person will be free!  Just inform the staff member that you are there for CYRIL CANVAS’ promotion, and each one of you will also need to show that you have LIKE Cyril’s Canvas Facebook page which is at: and also show that you have SHARE this Escape Room Miri’s post on your own Facebook!  This offer is only valid until 31 July 2015, so please hurry!


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  1. Reblogged this on shimworld and commented:
    If you have recently visited or shopped at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri, you might have noticed that intriguing black and yellow building right across the road along — the one that I that I mistook for Caterpillar’s office. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

    As it turned out, that’s an international entertainment franchise ESCAPE ROOM that has opened in Miri. Cyril’s blog and his captivating images give you a hint of the mystery housed inside the building. Are you ready to level up?

    Excellent coverage, Cyril! 🙂

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