Brewhouse, Miri

It was just by chance that I discovered this little gem of a cafe hidden amongst the many luxury clothing shops in that shopping mall.  The new cinema just opened and hot coffee was not yet available from the cinema’s snacks counter.  Knowing that there was that famous coffee chain with the mermaid logo on the ground floor I decided to get a quick take-away, an Asian wanting an Americano.  As I neared the escalators, the heavenly aroma of roasted coffee lingered in the cold stale air of the mall.  Immediately, all my senses were ignited and I realized that the aroma was emanating from a shop, which was easy to miss if it was not for its vividly decorated walls with bright twinkling Christmas lights teasing the eyes.  I was greeted by a sweet Barista whose genuine smile and on-the-spot questions to me about how I would like my coffee served, reassured me  that I would be getting a perfect take-away cup of coffee.  Sure enough, I was not wrong.

You will be awed by the vividly decorated messages written on post-it notes left on the wall with bright twinkling Christmas lights teasing the eyes


Ever since that brief encounter, I told myself that I must revisit this place with my friends to properly enjoy the coffee while enjoying the ambience, an act that I believe would nowadays be referred to as ‘chillin’.  Minutes turned into hours, as time seemed to have stood still in that space.

Brother Bear Latte Art
The mocha with the perfect brother bear latte art looks perfect against the bright lights reflecting on the coffee table’s smooth glass surface.
Enjoy the moment with your friends and loved ones. Leave some inspirational messages on colour notes that might touch someone’s life.

Remember the sweet barista who served the perfect coffee that I mentioned earlier?  She was there and  was kind enough to share her knowledge of coffee with me.

Step 1 - Grind the Coffee
Step 1 – Grind the Coffee.  The coffee should be grounded to the suitable amount of fineness depending on the extraction method (i.e. espresso machine, filter, press etc).

Step 2 - Tamp the coffee
Step 2 – Tamp the coffee. The coffee must be tamped with the correct amount of pressure so that it is not too packed otherwise the water cannot extract the coffee essence properly or too loose otherwise the water will just run down without proper extraction.

Step 3 - Make sure water at the right temperature
Step 3 – Before extraction, make sure the water is at the correct temperature (best is between 91 Celsius and 96 Celsius). Having the water at boiling point will cause the coffee to ‘burn’.

Step 4 - Extract the espresso
Step 4 – Extract the espresso. Start the extraction process and watch the espresso being extracted and smell the heavenly aroma.

Step 5 - Anytime now
Step 5 – Stand back and relax while your espresso is flowing. If you get all the steps correctly, you can be sure it will be a perfect cup of coffee!

Step 6 - Enjoy your coffee
Step 6 – Sit back and enjoy your coffee!

Meanwhile, while I enjoy my Americano, my friend’s Latte and Cappuccino is getting all the attention.

Pouring the milk for latte art Cute Bear
Picture perfect cappuccino Sprinkling the cinnamon
: (1) It takes great control and a lot of practice to get the latte art right.  (2) The making of a cute bear to lighten up anybody’s day.  (3) The sprinkling of cinnamon powder on the cappuccino to enhance the aroma.  (4) A appetizing cup of cappuccino ready to serve.

Various choices of coffee beans imported from around the world and tea leaves from Taiwan are also available for purchase.  Not convinced?  Well don’t decide just yet; customers can try out the taste of the different origin coffee beans to choose the taste best suited for the individual so that you can home feeling satisfied.

Coffee beans
Coffee bean from around the world, each with different aroma and acidity.
Tea leaves
Tea leaves imported from Taiwan are also available for the tea lovers out there.



Unlike most cafes around the world, Brewhouse focuses on BALANCE.  For example, some cafes are famous for their extremely strong coffee yet some are famous for their very nice latte art, or some are known for their portion.  In Brewhouse, it is their principle that in order to achieve balance, everything must be done right; the right grind type, the right tamp, the right  water temperature, the right extraction time, the right milk, … and the list continues on.  Every morning when they start operating, they would readjust their grind to make sure that it is the correct fineness.  They would also flush the water from inside the espresso machine to make sure that fresh water is used and the water remains at the optimum temperature throughout the operating hours.  There are many other steps that they have taken that would be too long to list here.  To put it simply, Brewhouse is meticulously making sure every single factor that goes into the making of the coffee is proper before serving that perfect cup of coffee to you.


Another interesting fact that makes Brewhouse unique is that not only are they a cafe serving both coffee and tea, they are also a one-stop cafe consultants; from coffee beans all the way to coffee machines that comes with the training of baristas necessary for the establishment of a cafe.

CST_0121 CST_9465

Brewhouse’s main objective is to promote and to create awareness of the coffee and tea culture to the community.  Brewhouse has already successfully help with the start-up of various other cafes around town.

Many selection of Keep-Cup in different combination of colours.  One is bound to meet your liking.
Handmade postcards
Postcards handmade by the sweet barista herself!  Not only does she know her coffee, she’s creative in arts as well!
Grab one
These handmade postcards are placed next to the cashier counter, have a look through, there’s surely one that you will love!

Brewhouse is located in the Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri on the 1st Floor.  You will be able to spot it going up the escalator.  If you’re longing for a perfect cup of coffee, this is it.  So what are you waiting for?  Bring your friends, enjoy the ambience.  SmileLaughLIVE.

Smile. Laugh. LIVE.
Smile. Laugh. LIVE.

3 thoughts on “Brewhouse, Miri

  1. Wow…you sure did a great job displaying BrewHouse in words. So glad I didn’t miss your posting and as her mother I am so proud of the sweet barista you so sweetly wrote about. Thank you.

    1. It was my pleasure! Your daughter is an extremely talented young lady. You must be really proud of her. I’m glad I stumbled upon the place by accident, or else all this would never have happened!

  2. TQ again ….great pictures and interesting canvas you have painted too! Keep it up..I’ll be visiting 🙂

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