Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2014

Another year has passed, and Ramadhan is upon us again.  Likewise, Excapade Sushi Restaurant has not failed to continue their tradition of offering their infamous Sungkai Buffet.  I had the priviledge of being there for their first day of Sungkai Buffet this year and not suprisingly, it was a full house, and the bookings for the rest of the week has already reached full!

I’ve written about Excapade’s Sungkai Buffet for two years now, so I will skip the introduction of the dishes and tell you more about the differences this year.  The previous years review of the buffet is still quite applicable as many of the dishes are still featured.  Here are the links to the article about Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2012, Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2013. and Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2013 Round 2!

In order to offer a more complete and full buffet experience, this year’s Excapade Sungkai Buffet has all the effort and zattention is focused in Excapade’s Regent Square branch and offers more than 60 all-time favourite dishes, which also includes any sushi on the sushi belt!

From the feedbacks of their customers, the management of Excapade has now divided the area into 4 main sections: The Sushi section which is placed on two sushi belts (Yes, you can grab any sushi from the sushi belt), The Main dishes section, The Desserts section (which includes a fantastic expresso machine!) and of course, the Sashimi section which is the main attraction every year.  I’ve found that the separation of each section has eased the flow significantly.  Now, instead of everyone queuing in one area, one can now choose to start off in the section with the less queue.


I believe the all-you-can-eat sashimi has and still remains the main attraction to the Sungkai Buffet.  No where else can one get this many variety of sashimi to eat.  As food blogger Thanis Lim puts it, he has achieved ‘Sashimi Coma’.

The sashimi spread
The glorious sashimi spread

excapade_buffet_sashimi_salmon_01 excapade_buffet_sashimi_salmon_03

All the sashimi you have ever wanted!

excapade_buffet_sashimi_tako excapade_buffet_sashimi_hokkigai excapade_buffet_sashimi_maguro_tai

Picture (left): Tako Sashimi, Picture (center): Hokkigai Sashimi, Picture (right): Tai Sashimi

 excapade_buffet_sashimi_hamachi excapade_buffet_sashimi_maguro

Picture (left): Hamachi Sashimi, Picture (right): Maguro Sashimi

excapade_buffet_sashimi_kajiki_toro_02 excapade_buffet_sashimi_smoked_salmon

Picture (left): Kajiki Toro, Picture (right): Smoked Salmon

Hokkaido Snow Crabs
Hokkaido Snow Crabs
Hokkaido Snow Crabs up close and personal
Hokkaido Snow Crabs up close and personal
Soba and other cold dishes
Soba and other cold dishes

excapade_buffet_soba_02 excapade_buffet_soba_03

excapade_buffet_soba_04 excapade_buffet_soba_05

excapade_buffet_salad excapade_buffet_edamame

excapade_buffet_wakame excapade_buffet_sashimi_idako

Picture (left): Chuka Wakame, Picture (right): Chuka Idako

Prawn Salad
Prawn Salad
The Tempura Spread
The Tempura Spread
Ebi Tempura
Ebi Tempura


In previous years, the sushi has been placed on trays next to the sashimi.  This year, sushi is now available on the moving sushi belt, just feel free to take any sushi of your liking from the belt.  I find this extremely convenient when there is a queue in the other areas.  Just pick and go.

excapade_buffet_sushi_belt_01 excapade_buffet_sushi_belt_03


excapade_buffet_sushi_01 excapade_buffet_sushi_02

excapade_buffet_sushi_03 excapade_buffet_sushi_04


The heavy artillery of the arsenal can be found here.  If the sashimi and sushi is not enough to comatose you, then the dishes here will.  Offering the best all-time favourite dishes such as the Salmon Asparagus, Lamb Misoyaki, Beef Teppanyaki, Green Mussels and many more!

excapade_buffet_maindish_baked_scallops_01 excapade_buffet_maindish_baked_scallops_02

Baked Scallops

excapade_buffet_maindish_lamb_misoyaki_01 excapade_buffet_maindish_beef_teppanyaki

Picture (left): Lamb Misoyako, Picture (right): Beef Teppanyaki

excapade_buffet_maindish_vegetable_battayaki_01 excapade_buffet_maindish_vegetable_battayaki_02

Vegetables Battayaki

excapade_buffet_maindish_tori_namban excapade_buffet_maindish_chawan_mushi

Picture (left): Tori Namban, Picture (right): Chawan Mushi

excapade_buffet_maindish_salmon_asparagus_01 excapade_buffet_maindish_salmon_asparagus_02

Salmon Asparagus

excapade_buffet_maindish_green_mussels_01 excapade_buffet_maindish_green_mussels_02

Green Mussels


Coffee lovers will rejoice as the newest addition to the buffet is the availability of the unlimited flow of freshly extracted coffee from the new espresso machine.

excapade_buffet_dessert_spread excapade_buffet_dessert_pudding

Fruits and puddings

excapade_buffet_dessert_toppings_01 excapade_buffet_dessert_toppings_02

Various toppings available with free-flow of ice cream

Espresso Machine for the guaranteed freshness of your coffee
Espresso Machine for the guaranteed freshness of your coffee
Quality Coffee Beans
Quality Coffee Beans
Food Blogger Thanis Lim makes his own affogato (coffee on ice cream)
Food Blogger Thanis Lim makes his own affogato (coffee on ice cream)
Would you like an affogato?  Try making one yourself at Excapade!
Would you like an affogato? Try making one yourself at Excapade!


For the convenience of readers who are not sure where the Regent Square branch is (especially the die-hard Japanese food lovers from Miri, Temburong and Limbang), here is the location map to it.

Map to Excapade Regent Square

Excapade has once again out-done themselves.  Now with the better distribution of the different food sections, the pick & go sushi belt, the espresso machine, the buffet experience was even more pleasant than before.  Occasionally, the Excapade waiters and waitresses went table to table to serve various sushi and desserts.

Excapade’s Sungkai Buffet is priced at BND$29.90 for adults and BND$14.90 for children (aged 6-12 years old).  It is a MUST to make reservations (Excapade Regent Square +673 2234011) days beforehand as this is one of the most in-demand buffet in the nation.

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