A Decade of Mount Kinabalu: The Little Hut Revisited (Part 3 of 4)

This is the third part to this article.  The second installment of this article can be found here: “A Decade of Mount Kinabalu (Part 2)”.

After being drenched in wet clothes in cold temperatures for the whole day from sunrise to sunset, we were keen to indulge ourselves for a much rewarding hot shower and feel the luxury of dry clothes against our skin!

Destination: The Little Hut.  This would be my 2nd time to choose this lovely place as my place of slumber.  Their website can be found here.

If you would like to know more about The Little Hut or see the interior and the facilities provided, click here to read about my stay there last year.  For this part, I am going to write about the wonderful and beautiful things that we saw and experience around the surroundings of The Little Hut.

Like all storms, sooner or later it has to clear, giving way to the sun to bring much needed sunshine to light up our day and bring colours into our life.

Surprisingly, I found myself awake just as the day was dawning, maybe from the sound of chickens crowing and dogs barking in the distance.  I dragged myself out of bed, ignoring the protest from the muscles of my legs.  I was sleeping on the upper level of the hut, every step down was undeniably  painful.  But once I was outside, the pain automatically faded away.  The morning that greeted me was absolutely breath-taking.

The Blue Yonder
The Little Hut provides a fantastic eastern view of Mount Kinabalu. Indeed it was a total contrast of the weather that we faced yesterday. Skies as blue and clear as it can be, providing us the most excellent view of the mountain that we have conquered just the sunrise before.
Peaceful village
The Little Hut is situated high enough that it also provides a view that overlooks the quiet little village and mountain ranges in the distance.


Picture (left): A very interesting and eye-catching signboard that is unique only to The Little Hut.  Picture (right):  This wooden owl is something new, it was not here during my last stay.

CST_7240 CST_7237

While I was admiring all the beautiful flowers around the hut, I could already hear movement and laughter coming from inside;  my friends have already woken up.

Kiss from a rose
A bed of red roses with its leaves still wet with water droplets from last night’s storm.
Unique yellow bell-shaped flowers called Brugmansia.
Purple and white cosmos flowers litters the boundaries of Little Hut.

Flowers 01 Flowers 02 Flowers 03Flowers 04 Flowers 05 Flowers 06 Flowers 07 Flowers 08  Flowers 09

Pure Happiness
Even the furry stranger is happy for the passing of the storm, and takes this opportunity to immerse herself in a delighting sunbath.
Welcome to the Little Hut!
Welcome to the Little Hut!
Off the beaten track
I proceeded further down the beaten path, wanting to have a stroll around the village. Some leeks are planted nearby with Little Hut visible in the background.
There is a leak!
Never knew leeks had flower pods like this!
The cock
So this cock must be my alarm this morning.
The Dog
And this dog must be my other alarm this morning.
This way to the Little Hut
Another unique structure located just outside the junction showing the way to the Little Hut.
Cow herding
It is the school holiday season and these kids really do know how to fill their free time. They were herding some cows back to the main herd of cows.
Shoo shoo
Science teaches us that cows uses their tails to drive away the swarm of flies that is bugging him. Seeing this in real life, I am glad that he did put his tail to good use. However, he must have one extremely tired tail since its swinging all the time. Just look at number of flies!
Head banging
I was lucky enough to witness these two calves head banging each other playfully continuously. I could feel the air shatter as the two tough heads collide. Mental note: Never try to head butt a cow.
Road to Mesilau
The junction into Mesilau Nature Resort is located very near to where The Little Hut is. Mesilau Nature Resorts is the other available route (the Mesilau trail) to climb up to Mount Kinabalu’s peak. It takes an additional 2-3 hours of hiking compared to the Timpohon trail which I usually take.
The Stream
Further down the road, we came across this magnificent stream filled with any rocks. The velocity of the stream reminded us of the storm that befell us just the night before.

As though God was watching over us, he sent some darks cloud over us so as to remind us that we still have a fair bit of distance to cover for our journey.  Not fully contented with our morning walk as we were already starting to feel the relaxing life in the village, with a heavy heart, we forced ourselves to pack our belonging to continue our journey.

For more information about The Little Hut, please visit their website here.

Click here to read the last part of this article here!


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