Red Rooster Home Cooking: A Unique Dining Experience

What to eat” or “Where to eat” is always one of the hardest question to answer.  In a small sleepy town like Kuala Belait, choices of eateries does not change much, even within a year.   Good news to all KBians, there is a new place in town named Red Rooster Home Cooking.  Even the name is interesting!

Red Rooster Home Cooking (RR) offers a home-style dining experience.  In fact, RR is an extension of the owner’s house and is operated entirely by the family members.  It is located in the heart of Kampung Pandan, to be exact, at Pandan 7, very near Masjid Kampung Pandan (Pandan Mosque).  Map is attached at the end of this post.

I have been to a few home-style dining, and I must give credit to the people of RR, they made a good job decorating the place to feel like a cosy mexican-themed diner.  The first words that came to my mind was “Oh wow!”.

The rooster's roost in Pandan 7
Red Rooster Home Cooking is actually an extension of a house, located in the heart of Pandan 7.

 CST_7257 CST_7236
Comes complete with a tree-house!  You can now relive your child-hood fantasies!

Red Rooster Home Cooking
Look for this signage that is hanged at the front wall of the house. You won’t miss it!
Star light Star bright
This is the small ‘hut’ where drinks are prepared, that you should look out for when looking for Red Rooster Home Cooking.
Best seats in the house
This is the main dining area which is not very big and can only accommodate a limited number of groups at one time. Make sure you go there early to grab the best seats in the house. They open at 3 pm for takeaways only and at 6 pm for dine-ins (closed on Sundays).
The Bar
Bar-style seating is also available at another corner.
And in the other corner...
Here’s another corner, closer to the bar where drinks are served.
Waiting for you...
Here is the outdoor area where you could sit with your friends and just chi-cha the night away under the moonlight and the twinkling stars. The wooden table and chairs gives out a very natural and authentic feel to the place. Seen in the picture is model Mandy making herself comfortable, just waiting for you!

 Again, I must give high praises to the people of RR for the effort they have put into the details of the decors.  The decor itself is enough to make you want to come back over and over again as it makes you feel you are at a faraway land and not in Brunei anymore.

Here are some pictures of the impressive decors around.   Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

CST_7135 CST_7139 CST_7157 CST_7231 CST_7146 CST_7192 CST_7226 CST_7151 CST_7207 CST_7203 CST_7212 CST_7213


CST_7189 CST_7209 CST_7188 CST_7249



English Style
I just love these English-style windows. The red-coloured window gives a good contrast from the white-coloured wooden panels.
Smoking Area
This is the smoking area, isolated from the dining area.
Cancer Awareness
The sign says “Please don’t throw your cigarette ends on the floor, the cockroaches are getting cancer…”. Hilarious.

And now the most important part of it all…. the food!  How does the food fare compared to the other eateries out there?  RR specializes in burgers.  They have chicken, beef and lamb burgers for you to choose from, and can be served in single, double or the whooping humongous triple decker burger with three different patties in between.  Prices are quite reasonable, being $3 for the normal single burger, while the triple decker is $8.  Other than burgers, they do have side orders such as french fries, onion rings and fried chicken wings.  One unique thing to note is that, all burgers are served with Doritos rather than the usual fries.

Chicken Burger
Red Rooster’s Home-made Chicken Burger. I quite liked the chicken patty, it had a coating of special flour that made it crispier. NOTE: The doritos doesn’t look like a lot because my son has helped himself to it!
Double Decker Lamb Burger
The Double Decker Lamb Burger.
Triple Decker Burger
The humongous Triple Decker Burger with three patties, from top to bottom: Lamb, Chicken, Beef.
Up close
Up close: here’s a closer look at the triple decker burger. I like the chicken patty which is crunchy and the special flour made it taste special. I especially love the beef patty where its juicy juices exploded in my mouth upon biting in. Omg, I’m mouth watering now thinking of the beef patty.

 Oh, and here’s the map I promised!

Map to the Roost!  Click to enlarge.

Conclusion is, Red Rooster Home Cooking is definitely a wonderful place to go for a dinner with friends.  The lovely ambience from the lighting and decors will keep you and your friends talking for hours.  Too bad they only specialize in burgers for now.  Hopefully in the near future, they might consider offering more variety of main dishes, that way everyone will have something they will like from the menu.

6 thoughts on “Red Rooster Home Cooking: A Unique Dining Experience

  1. Great article! The owner would gladly take you on a tour to the interior of the house. You will find surprises in every corner ♥

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