The Gurkha Palace

Have you and your friends ever been in a situation where neither one of you can decide where to eat that night?  It’s not that there’s not enough places to eat, it’s just that you’re bored with the “same ‘ol same ‘ol”?

Thankfully, there’s a place in the small quiet town of Seria that offers just that… something unique… something different…

The highly disciplined Gurkha soldiers of Nepal (under the flag of the British Army) has been around in Brunei since the 60s where they helped with the rebellion, and since then, has continued to serve Brunei until today.  Therefore it is no surprise that they should at least be a place that offers Nepalese food, which is appropriately named, ‘The Gurkha Palace’.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing you would feel is unfamiliarity.  This is because you are stepping into a restaurant that has been decorated with Nepalese influences.  The place gives out a feeling of exoticness, yet as cozy as any other eatery.

A lot of the decorative ornaments and even the eating utensils are gold!

Exotic Vase
This exotic gold vase with very fine carvings are among many of the other interesting ornaments that brings a feel of uniqueness to the place.
Lotus Flower
One of the common flowers that can be found in Nepal is the Lotus flower.
Wash your hands in style
A gold sink at the wash closet area that adds on to the ambience of the place.
The Menu
Before this, I had absolutely no idea what Nepalese food is like, but I have always imagined it to be somewhat like Indian cuisine, since they are neighbours. What I have found is that they share very few similarities, perhaps only the curry bit.
Tass Set
For the first timer, you might want to try the Tass set. The Tass set is a combination of various dishes that is common to Nepali food. In it is the puff rice which is not actually rice but more like cereal, daalmot which is derived from yellow peas, Nepalese style spicy chicken, Nepalese style pickles with cucumber salad. Very interesting and unique dish.
Puff Rice
The Puff Rice is made from heating rice kernels under high pressure together with steam. Tastes like cereal!
The daalmot is another interesting dish. The first impression upon having it in your mouth is the hardness of the peas and the crunchiness of the onions and garlic.
Bhuteko Bhuja
Bhuteko Bhuja is the Nepalese version of a fried rice, cooked with egg and various mixed vegetables including chickpeas (a.k.a ‘Kacang Putih’)
Kukhurako Chicken
Kukhurako Chicken, a common Nepali household dish served with rich creamy gravy. NOTE: Looks like curry but it’s nothing like curry!
Spicy Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings cooked in spicy sauce Nepalese style. I must add that this would be my favourite dish from this round. It is definitely spicy, but not to tear-releasing extend and yet sweet and tasty.

Overall, I am totally impressed with what Nepalese cuisine has to offer.  I look forward to my next dine in the Gurkha Palace.  There are so many other dishes that I (we) have yet to try and most importantly for commoners like me, the prices are easy on the wallet… very reasonable and comparable to other restaurants around.

The Gurkha Palace is indeed a fine addition to the food choices of Belait.  Have a try and judge for yourself, something different and something unique to our usual chinese / malay food!

3 thoughts on “The Gurkha Palace

  1. Greetings Blogs, a little help on your blog.. the utensils and sink and other display item over there are made of Brass. Share with you all that, i’m also a ex-employee before over there and i must say, Everyone over there are very friendly…:)

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