PAWS’ Dog-A-Walk

Many of my colleagues know me as the ‘father of the cats’.  We get a lot of stray cats taking shelter at our hostel, mostly ‘dumped’ by their masters thinking that the ‘gerai’ (malay for stalls) next door is a good dumping place for unwanted cats.  Although it might be true that the cats are capable of scavenging for leftover or unwanted food there, it is also a place filled with bacteria which leads to all sorts of commutable disease for them.  It is made worst by the fact that there are so many strays there, they just transfer their disease to one another, especially mange.  A few of them, for whatever reasons unknown to me, maybe they just don’t like the conditions there, flock towards our hostel for shelter, which are fed by me.

Be that as it may, I’m actually a lover of pets, not restricted to just our feline friends.  So when PAWS Miri announced that they will be having their regular dog-a-walk, I immediately checked my calendar, and was delighted that I am able to attend the event for the first time ever.

PAWS Miri (short for Piasau Animal Welfare Support) is a non-profit organization aimed to reduce the number of stray animals in the ultimate goal to have a stray-free Miri.  PAWS Miri has grew and expanded since 2008, totally on donations and sponsorships from individuals who share the same love for animals.

It was a bright and clear day, a menagerie of clouds littered in the skies.  Perfect for a walk out at the beach.  When I arrived, a few four-legged friends were already there, accompanied by their two-legged best friend.

CT130804-006  CT130804-003  CT130804-010

CT130804-008  CT130804-007  CT130804-005

So many different breeds all gathered together on this bright sunny afternoon.

Common love
The event brings together individuals who are strangers to each other initially but friends thereafter because of their common love for canines.





CT130804-017 CT130804-026 CT130804-015


Just like their sapiens friends, these canines also get a chance to make new friends.  Since they do not have hands to shake like the sapiens do, they touch noses and smell each other as their way of a friendly greeting.

Animal Instinct
To make friends with a canine, slowly reach out your hand for the canine to smell just as it would with a fellow canine friend. It’s just that easy!


Various colourfu souvenirs and merchandise are also available for purchase.  The funds from these purchases are one of the ways in which PAWS generate income, although a small one.

And then we're off!
And then we’re off! The dog-a-walk starts, lead by our fearless leader Natalie with her ever-so-calm Lady leading the way.
Strategic venue
The venue chosen for the walk this round was extremely strategic such that the beach was just across from where we were gathering.
The short walk towards the beach is a scenic one, where we had a brisk walk through a small forested area before the the path opens up into a breath-taking lagoon that is made complete with the sunset.
Stroll along the beach
Even if this was not dog-a-walk, coming here for a stroll along the beach, or just simply spending time with loved ones would be simply amazing.
Obstacle Course
But first, before anyone (including those with fur) has to get through the first obstacle. Climbing down the stones, which to our four-legged friends especially those who seldom gets the chance to ‘get out’, would be quite a huge challenge.
He hesitates to go down the stones.
O Fearless One
Our fearless leader waits patiently for everyone (with and without fur) to get down.

  CT130804-047 CT130804-049

Our fearless leader decides to give a helping hand to the little ones, beckoning the others with the little ones to do the same.

Even the big ones
Even some of the bigger ones needs a little help.

CT130804-053 CT130804-054


For many of them, walking in water is no big deal.  Been there, done that.

CT130804-057 CT130804-058 CT130804-059

Whereas for the first-timers, they would just react the same as any human being would: It starts with him stopping the friend from going any further and just get ‘down-and-dirty’ to have a dip in the water.

Salt Supplement
For some others, it makes them just want to … eat water??? After all, it is fact that the human body cannot produce its own salt yet salt is required to perform a variety of essential body functions so maybe they need salt in their system. Scientist says we need 6 grams of salt per day.
Enter the Huskies
The energetic and athletic huskies, a breed that hails from the cooooooooooooooold climate of the Artic can adapt itself well to our tropical climate.

CT130804-064 CT130804-066

Walking a dog is an easy thing to do, just follow his lead.  This was the first time my son experienced walking a dog.

Fresh gentle sea breeze
One might lose his breath with breath-taking views like this, but the gentle blowing sea breeze is fresh enough to balance it out!
That’s the former Holiday Inn, now known as Parkcity Everly Hotel, hidden behind the tall pine trees.
End of the road
At the end of the path, the doggies was allowed some time to rest and to bond with one another. It was a great chance for us to get to know each other as well.

CT130804-072 CT130804-074 CT130804-071

Our four-legged friends posing with their two-legged best friend.

A Proud Young Master
A proud boy with his dog. Having a dog means teaching our children about care and responsibilities. This fine young boy obviously knows what that is all about!


Rare breed
Huskies are an extremely rare breed to find. I was lucky enough to meet two on that very day!
Turning point
The sun was almost set… it was time to turn back and make our way back to our starting point.

CT130804-089 CT130804-088

As the sun sets into the horizon, everyone took their time to enjoy their last few moments walking their best friend.

Run Lucky, run.
It was time to let loose! Lady runs to her heart’s content.
No doubt about it
It would be hard for anyone not to see how much Lady has thoroughly enjoyed her day.
Obstacle Course Part 2
The dogs had to go through the ‘obstacle course’ again to climb back up. It’s actually very good training for them.
Beautiful creation
The sunset… the canines … the people… the moments… are among many of God’s many beautiful creation.
Now that everyone is back on the dock, it was time for the dogs sit down, have a drink of water and rest.
By now, most of the dogs were exhausted… same goes for their best friend!
Giving water
The master giving life giving water to man’s best friend.
Even two-legged needs replenishment
Even the two-legged ones need replenishment.

CT130804-107 CT130804-109

CT130804-113 CT130804-108

The many different tired but happy faces.


The fearless leader wastes no time.  She is already discussing and planning out the next big event of PAWS Miri: the PAWS Dogathon where dog owners will walk their dog around Miri City to raise funds for charity and the PAWS Doggie Show which will include many competitions such as the obedience, musical chairs, agility, dress-up and eating competition!


CT130804-120 CT130804-121



Many photo opportunities for people to take a picture with other pets.

Back rub
Meanwhile, some dogs get to enjoy a nice back rub…
I love you this much
Nothing says ‘I love you’ than more than a hug.
Bit more to the left
Or a scratch behind the ear… they love that too!
Energetic Pipi
Pipi still seems to be as energetic as ever. Perfect companion for the young children with equal enthusiasm.


Pipi is up for adoption and is currently, one of the many strays taken care of by PAWS Miri.

One for the album
One for the album. All the participants, two-legged and four-legged alike posing for a group picture at the end of the successful PAWS Dog-A-Walk.

A big kudos to the team of PAWS Miri for a splendid job trying their best to keep Miri city free from stray.  They need all the donations and sponsorship that they can get, that and not to forget the moral support for their continuous fight to rid of strays and to instill awareness and educate everyone about responsibilities of having a pet with the ultimate goal of showing how these lovely furry friends need our love and support.  Please take some time to have a look here for other dogs that need a home.  You might just be the next best friend for one of them!

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