10+1 years and counting…

Today marks the 11th year my wife and I took our vows.  Like any other marriage, we had no idea where our marriage would lead us.  There is a cause for a celebration, even if its just a small one, to celebrate the coming of two individuals who has promised to love and care for each other to death do them part.

My initial idea was just to get Janet a simple Royce Nama Chocolate which she expressed interest in a couple of weeks back.  All that changed when Jan told me that he needed to drop by Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop to pick up a raya biscuits.  Somehow, that activated the invisible light bulb above my head and immediately thought it was a good chance to order a special cake this special celebration.  I have always wanted to order a cake from Mr. Baker for my family back in Miri but the time and chance was never in favour.

It started with my whatsapp conversation with Eric (Mr. Baker).

Mr. Baker's Mission Objectives
Mr. Baker can create the right cake for anyone. Just let him know your criterias for the cake such as the colour theme and the look and feel that you aim for. As you can see from the screenshot above, he was given some tough yet vague criterias to meet!

After a few minutes, Eric then showed me a screenshot of a cake he has in mind, which was perfectly tuned to what I imagined the cake to be.  I then sketched up a quick modification to his original design.

The Sketch
My modified sketch of the cake design.

Within a small window of time of just a few hours, Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop has once again proved that they take are masters of their field and that customers satisfaction is always a priority.  I picked up the perfectly-mastered-fondant-cake-that-is-within-my-budget within a few hours.

By the time I arrived back in Kuala Belait from Bandar, it was already 2 am in the morning.  The funny thing was that I forgot to take into account the size of the cake, and had problem fitting the cake into my refrigerator in Kuala Belait.  I compromised by turning down the temperature of the air-conditioner in my room to a chilling 18’C for the night.  Thank God for thick duvet!

Right on the dot, my alarm rang at 5 am.  It was a short but much needed sleep before my drive back to Miri.  Thankfully the whole ride back was queue free.  It was a cold dawn, the sun was nowhere in sight, covered by the thick clouds above.  I wound down the window of my car and enjoyed the fresh cool morning air brushing my face on this special day.

I then picked up Janet and the kids for breakfast.  There is a stall serving Laksa that my friends has been talking about that I’ve meant to try since forever.  This was the perfect opportunity to go there.  Although the stall is out-of-the-way, the scenery there would be perfectly suitable for today’s occassion.

We arrived at Hole No. 16 of Miri Golf Club.  Yes, the stall is located right smack in the middle of a golf course.

Cloudy with a chance of golf balls
I parked my car at the side of the road and prior to stepping on the greens, I saw this sign.
The Green
Perfect atmosphere for this special occassion, don’t you think so? Miri Gold CLub is ideally located on an island named Pulau Melayu, which is connected to the mainland by Piasau Bridge.
Hole No 16
Hole No. 16 is where the Laksa stall is located. Did I mention that this is Halal Laksa?
The woods
The many tall overgrown trees nearby gives the area a lot of shed.
Laksa Lolita
Halal Laksa @ Laksa Lolita, Hole No 16, Miri Gold Club, Pulau Melayu.
Best Halal Laksa
I conclude that this is the best Halal Laksa I have tasted in Miri so far.
Rare picture
Credits to our son, Mark who helped to take this lovely picture of us. A picture of Janet and I together is extremely rare. As a photographer, I am always the one missing from pictures. I call it ‘The Curse of the Photographer’.
Mark & Mandy
We are blessed with two perfectly adorable, lovable and remarkably bubbly kids, Mark and Mandy.

After our lovely breakfast, it was time to head home and finally unveil my present to Janet who has no idea of what else was coming.  Naturally, she was speechless when I presented her with the cake.  First of all, the size of the cake was unbelievable.  She had trouble lifting the cake alone.

CST_0053 CST_0060

CST_0057 The pure yet innocent, yet sweet and lovely, yet must be less than $100 fondant cake.  Underneath all that pink is actually chocolaty goodness that is delicious.  My whole family loved it, especially our kids!

CST_0062 CST_0063
Close-up shots of the details and effort put into making this cake.

Digging in
Mandy was so impressed with the cake that she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. While I took the pictures of the cake, she was waiting patiently next to us just waiting for ‘dig in’.
Mr. Baker has done it again
Once again, the day is saved, thanks to Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop. A very big thanks to Eric for making this possible within with all the ‘impossible’ criteria set upon him to make the cake!


Happy anniversary to my dearest Janet.  Our journey has not been smooth nor has it been easy, but we are where we are today.  I cherish allt he memories that has made this 11 years what it is today.  May God bless us as we take on the coming challenges of life together as a family.  Love you!  Muaks! ❤ ❤ ❤

May the love that we share last our lifetime through!


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