Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2013 (Round 2!)

Yes!  It’s my second round of Excapade Sungkai Buffet.  That’s two weeks in a row I have had Excapade’s sungkai buffet, it’s just that irresistible!  However, I decided to give Excapade’s Regent Square branch a try this time round.  My visit to the Gadong branch can be read here: Excapade Sungkai Buffet, which has pricing details and other useful information.

Essentially, the offerings and the arrangement are generally the same; with lots of all-you-can-eat sushi and sashimi.  There’s probably only one big difference for the Regent Square branch: easy parking, unlike going into Gadong area which is always congested.

The Sashimi Spread
The Sashimi Spread
It’s these little details that adds to the presentation of the whole buffet spread.

 CST_8426  CST_8420
The multi-level sushi spread (left) and the generous sashimi spread (right)

Just take all!
Salmon? Red Snapper? Mackarel? Tuna? Just take all!
Prawn Sashimi
Prawn Sashimi
Ikura Salmon Sushi
Various Sushi
Various Sushi
More sushi
More sushi!
Salmon Sushi
Salmon Sushi
The Cheese Sushi
The Salmon Cheese Sushi is one of my favourites!
All the tempura that you can ever want



The Hallibut – soft, tender and juicy
Snow Crab Legs
Snow Crab Legs

Another thumbs-up that I must mention; the Excapade Regent Square branch seems to be better staffed as all the items are topped-up at a very speedy pace.  Ice creams are also offered table-to-table for each customer, a very nice touch to their customer service if I may add.   My friend, John who is a big fan of Excapade’s Sandwich sushi did not have any luck, even at the frequency that he was going back to the sushi tray.  His wish finally came true when one of the staff brought a plate of freshly made sandwich sushi, served personally to him just as he was about to give up!  Double thumbs-up for their attentive staff who was aware of my desperado friend’s desperateness.

One happy man
2 Sandwich Sushi = 1 Happy Man

Alls well that ends well.  Another happy ending to a wonderful sungkai with friends.  Just look at John’s eyes gleaming with joy and happiness!  Now he can fly back to Kuching with his sushi and sashimi cravings… satisfied …. for now.  ><


5 thoughts on “Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2013 (Round 2!)

  1. Haha thanks for another post! I was telling my hubby I needed to see another post to decide if I was gonna go after looking at the paltry pic of the first post. (But I don’t see anyone else doing coverage on excapade, and then you came along with a 2nd post, you’re the best!). If you do a third post….woww….!!! LOL. I went twice also last year, once to Gadong and once to Regent Sq and I must say Regent Sq have a better sashimi spread (although still can’t match the mountaineous one last year) as well as service. Their manager (a Filipino guy, I just can’t recall his name) was very attentive and made sure we all had what we wanted. Overall Regent Sq had a better experience compared to Gadong. Gadong took a long time to refill the sashimi, Regent need not refill because their spread was 5 times more when they presented it! And thanks for the prawn sashimi pics. I needed to see that hahahah! Was gonna ask if John came this year, and saw that he did. Good on him!

    1. Welcome! This time I really enjoyed my experience in the Regent Square branch. Not that I did not enjoy at Gadong, I did. But it was obvious that the Regent Square branch was better staffed (probably due to the smaller size of the outlet) and it was a winning point that every single one of their staff was extremely friendly that day. If could have helped that DJ Izan was ‘in the house’ too. 🙂 Just go already, no regrets!

  2. Hi Cyril–Love your food photography. Would you allow me to use your photo of you and your sushi sandwich for a posting? I am getting ready to do a second posting of my global food crawl and would like to feature you as one of the blogs I like. Of course there would be a direct link to this post and you would receive full credit.

    If you would like to see what I did for the last one please click on the link.

    Thank you and keep blogging!


    1. Hello Chef Janet!

      No problem on using the pictures with credits. Would love to shoot your food and you in action one day! Hope we get the chance to meet in person. Fancy coming to Borneo????? 🙂

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