Mount Kinabalu: The Little Hut (Part 3 of 7)

“This article is part of the Mount Kinabalu article which is divided into 5 parts for easier reading. If you missed the previous parts of this article, click here”.

For the second night of our Mount Kinabalu adventure, we stayed at a lovely place called ‘Little Hut’ which is situated in the Mesilau Valley in Kundasan.  The huts are built and maintained based on a home stay concept but with exceptionally complete facilities (yes, includes wifi) and beautifully designed architectural huts in par with any boutique hotels.

The route leading to the Little Hut is a bit complicated to navigate if you don’t already have a map.  Getting there brings you through many scenic moments; small farms, wooden bridge, small waterfall, orchid gardens, tuck shops, and many ‘kampung’ (malay word for village) huts and houses.  One will be able to witness the locals doing their everyday chores in their normal everyday life.  Simple and humble, a far cry from the life in the city.

The Little Hut

Arriving at Little Hut feels like a sudden change of scenery.  After driving pass many kampung huts and houses, the scene of the modern yet simple Little Hut against the scenic view of the kampung will put you in a breath-taking moment.

As soon as we arrived, when the car doors were opened, my group members was caught in so much awe that they forgot how tired they were, even forgot that they needed a shower and just started taking pictures everywhere around Little Hut.  There’s just so much photography opportunity at that place; uniquely designed huts, many variety of beautiful flowers, farmland that stretches all the way to the land below, and most amazing of all, scenic view of the mountain against the evening sun.  There were two friendly dogs that came from the nearby houses to greet us strangers.  They seemed extremely happy with our arrival, running back and forth as we laughed at their behaviour!

The 3 Stooges

Little Hut actually consists of 4 huts: the largest being ‘Bizza Hut’ which accomodates up to a maximum of 5 people (right most in the picture), ‘Incredible Hut’ which caters for 3 (middle hut with the red doors), ‘Unbreak My Hut’ which is specially designed for couples (left most in the picture), and ‘Hut Attack’ which can provide for 4 persons (not shown in the picture).

BBQ PitLittle Hut is equipped with many facilities, even a BBQ pit.  Too bad we had a tight schedule, otherwise we would have made full use of this! BBQ in the evening in the cold mountain air… paradise.

Bizza HutBizza Hut accomodates up to a maximum of 5 persons, is equipped with a kitchen area and a dining area.  Very suitable for any group and even a family to stay.

Hammock Road Signs
(Left) Soon Lai puts the hammock to test, solid even under his weight.  (Right) Xiao Yan poses with the mock road signs found at Little Hut.

Red RoseA beautiful red rose in bloom; fresh enough to pluck and given to your loved one.

Purple Flowers

White Flowers

What is this?

Orange Flower with White Spider!There was a white spot on this little yellow flower that caught my attention.  Upon closer examination, the white spot was actually an interesting looking spider!

Unbreak My Hut Unbreak My Heart was designed specially for loving couples needing a place to be romantic, comes with a verandah that has an beautiful view of the farmland below.

Standing Tall Lovely Flowers

Cosy beds Very comfortable beds, with high quality mattress, pillows and thick duvets.  Warning!  Guaranteed to doze anyone to sleep as soon as they come in contact with the bed.

Fully equipped kitchen Fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove and other necessary utensils such as knifes, chopping board, pots & pans, spoons and forks.  The owner was gracious enough to have already bought us various vegetables in addition to the ones that we already bought this morning!

661A0411 661A0419

(Left) Yun Hung making himself cosy.  (Right) Even the washroom gives out the aura of innocence with its very white and clean ceramic basins and a touch of fresh flower.

661A0446 661A0443
(Left) The master bedroom of Incredible Hut, which opens up to a fantastic view of the Mount Kinabalu from a large verandah.  Have your group gather and just spend these cherished moments with each other against the backdrop of farms and mountains.  (Right) Another bedroom in the Incredible Hut which was mine for the night!

661A0451Living room of the Incredible Hut which became our ‘online’ area.  Free coffee and tea packets are also provided along with the kettle to boil water.  Wifi is available in the Little Hut for your convenience.  But I do suggest that you keep your online activities to a minimal so as to get closer to nature.

661A0453 661A0454
Here’s how the land below looks against the evening sun.  How simple the life here is, free from the hectic pressure of the city.  I have a feeling that if I spent another night at this magical place, I would not want to go back home anymore!

661A0528 As the sun set, I took this last chance to bid goodnight to Mount Kinabalu and captured a picture of her against the iconic 50 of Incredible Hut.


As evening came, the golden hour of outdoor photography has left and it was time for us to retreat into our little huts to prepare for our humble and warming steamboat dinner.  We quickly started on the food preparations together.

661A0456Surprised? Yun Hung actually helped in preparing the vegetables.

661A0464 661A0467
(Left) Everyone chipped in to help prepare the other ingredients.  (Right) Yun Hung stirs the steamboat mixture ensuring the vegetables are properly cooked.

661A0476Moy posing with the red smiling faces of the tomatoes.

661A0483John had the honour of unveiling the first batch of steamboat for our dinner.  Bon La Petit!

661A0472 Simple but yummy! In the cold temperature that surrounds us, the steamboat is definitely most appreciated during our dinner.

661A0487 It was then that the lights in the hut went out!  Not to worry, we have candles to light up the room!  Xiao Yan was pleasantly surprised with our birthday surprise for her.

661A0495Another year older another year wiser, as she blows the cake marking the coming of another age filled with blessings.


After all the celebration, the laughter and giggles started making way to yawns.  It was a sign for us to head for our beds and to rest for another exciting day the next day.  The temperature was much cooler at night than when we first arrived.  The thick duvet that was provided was extremely comfortable, shielding us from the chilling cold outside.  In no time at all, we all fell asleep and entered into a deep sleep.

I made sure I got up early in the morning as did not want to miss the sun rise here.  Indeed it was a magnificent sight to behold.  Imagine waking up to a cold misty morning before the sun is up, then slowy, the sun rays starts penetrating the skyline, waking the roosters and the other animals to sound their horns.  In perfect synchronization, soft breeze started to work its way, blowing the flowers gently, as if they were dancing to the beat of the morning music beautifully sung by the roosters, the goats and of course the melodious birds.


The sunbeam penetrates its way into the Little Hut.  I just stood there to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun touching against me.

661A0537When the sun showed its face, it opened its mouth to blow into the valley a soft breeze.  The flowers started their morning dance in perfect synchronization to the beat of the morning music, beautifully sung by the roosters, the goats and the melodious birds.

661A0509As sunlight started to fill the earth, the village and its surrounding started to reveal itself.

661A0551Some of us just sat there to breathe in the fresh morning air, to behold God’s beautiful creation that we so often take for granted.

661A0553And some were still in their slumber… oblivious to the wonders that has unveiled itself this very morning.

661A0570The host was so kind that she gave us freshly steamed jagung bukit (which means corns from the hills in malay).  The jagung had different tones of yellow on it, and tasted different from the jagungs normally sold in the cities.  The texture was soft and it was definitely juicy with every bite.  Loved it to the max!


It was time for us to set off for another adventurous day.  We were blessed with extremely good weather that morning, so much so the magnificent of Mount Kinabalu was displayed to us.  We saw with our very own eyes the challenge that lies ahead in front of us in the next few days as we continue our adventure to the summit of Mount Kinabalu!

Click here for Part 4 of the journey!


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    1. Hi, yes it is very very near to Pekan Kundasan. It’s just around a 5 minutes drive from the vegetable markets along the Kundasan road.

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