Wu Chun’s Gift of Love

Thanks to Jan and Eric, I have reached another milestone in my life; I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Wu Chun up close and personal.  Eric is the founder and owner of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop, which is very well known for their healthier cakes and pastries and trust me, does not mean less taste!

At first, when Jan told me about Wu Chun himself coming to promote Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop’s promotion, I was rather skeptical.  I tried not to put my hopes and expectations too high.  But when I saw this fantastic car in the entrance, it’s hard for the heart not to skip a beat!’ (Photo courtesy of Jan Shim)

Wu Chun's Car

Wu Chun’s Fitness Zone has teamed up with Eric’s Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop so that their members can enjoy a selection of healthy breads, which is freshly baked and delivered to Fitness Zone Serusop daily, thereby saving precious time and fuel without needing to drive all the way to the bakery!

Wu Chun speaks
“Fitness Zone chose Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop because they are the healthier choice and due to their strict policy of no added preservatives, dough improver and as much as possible, no added stabiliser or emulsifer is used.”
Fitness Zone & Mr. Baker's Bakeshop
Wu Chun and Eric posing together in front of the shelf displaying the freshly baked breads for the convenience of members and the public.

Wu Chun said, “We are thankful  to Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop for allowing Fitness Zone members to have the privilege of having their cakes made to order and have them delivered to Fitness Zone free of charge”.

Wu Chun interview

Wu Chun & Rano
Rano Iskandar of Ranoadidas spending a few minutes to interview Wu Chun.

And in conjunction with Mother’s Day, Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop is offering 15% discount on all their top selling cake; the Fresh Fruit Vanilla cake, and on top of that, the first 50 customers will receive a complimentary one-week free entry to Brunei’s number 1 Health Club, courtesy of Fitness Zone.

Promotion at Mr. Baker's Bakeshop
Promotion signboard placed outside Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop outlet at Batu Bersurat.

If that wasn’t enough, Eric is baking a record-breaking-biggest-ever-baked Fruit Cake specially for Fitness Zone’s Mother’s Day activity.  Seeing it with my own eyes, I dare say that it really is the biggest fruit cake I have ever seen.  I was at Mr. Baker’s Bakery to witness and document the cake being made from the beginning all the way up till its finishing, till the very last placing of grape on the cake.

Big cake
Big, right? The cake shows off at a record-breaking span of 15-inch, that’s equivalent to a car’s tyre. On the right is Eric, the founder and owner of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop.
Big muscles
Other than the big cake, Wu Chun’s big muscles cannot help but to show itself! Wu Chun obviously lifts this gigantic and heavy cake without breaking any sweat.

According to Wu Chun, there is going to be a ‘surprise’ Mother’s Day promotion this weekend and Fitness Zone will have an ‘open house’ for all families to come and enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities plus some interesting free gifts as well.

Posing for Mother's Day
Wu Chun posing with the celebration cake and Fitness Zone’s promotional advertisement for Mother’s Day. (Picture courtesy of Wu Chun himself from his own camera!)

What was suppose to be a simple and straightforward shoot at Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop for their products and production team, turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime to not only meet Wu Chun in person, but also to stand next to him, talk to him, and of course, take a picture with him. For this, I would like to say thank you to Jan and Eric for this amazing and surreal time.

Surreal Moment
Surreal Moment. My gosh, I look like a midget standing next to him. So tall! ><

10 thoughts on “Wu Chun’s Gift of Love

  1. clever ko! you were right to wear the rainbow colored shirt. he’ll definitely notice you! he is definitely tall LOL there must be tonnes of ladies out there soooooooooooo jealous of ah ko!!! 😀

    1. yup! purposely wear rainbow colour cos he’s always in bright colours too1 he he he he… hmm… only problem is the height.. hmmm

      1. i wonder how you get the photo that was taken with his own camera. hmmmm… dont be bothered by the height ko. he is still single. considered you’re oledi many steps ahead of him LOL

  2. i love your pictures!you are very lucky to meet him in person. I am one of his avid fans and my dream is just to meet him in person but i guess it is impossible..Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with him.

  3. hi cyril! thanks for sharing your meeting with wu chun experience. OMG! you’re so lucky. i wonder how he smell. is he wearing perfume at that time? hehe just a thought. thanks

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