The German Shop

Kuala Belait is a really small town.  Every time a new eatery or shop opens in Kuala Belait, it is a big deal.  In recent months, the town has seen a few new openings such as Royce (the imported Japanese Chocolate) and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, which has brought more flavour to the life of KBians.  And now, KB’s most recent addition… The German Shop.

Welcome to the German Shop.

Like Supasave in KB and Nafii in Seria, The German Shop offers many food products imported directly from European and Middle Eastern countries.  Personally, I’ve always known German cuisine to be famous for its food such as their famous huge sausages, the uniquely shaped Pretzels, all the different variety of bread rolls, chocolates, pasta and lastly, we all know it, beer (which is of course not available).

The German Shop offers many variety of fruit jams that it was impossible for me to show all the different brands.

The prices of most items are cheaper than those available anywhere else.  In fact, the German Shop actually supplies some of their imported products to major supermarkets in Brunei.

Country Chips IMG_2017

Other than the items shown in this post, there are many other offerings available, such as grounded coffee, kids snacks, candies and special flour.  The products are not only limited to food, even other items such as toothpaste, cat food, and even home-made dolls.

Pasta Sauce
The German shop also holds many varieties of pasta sauce, the most variety I’ve seen in a shop by far.

IMG_2018 IMG_2031

TOP LEFT: Ever wondered where vanilla flavour comes from? Vanilla actually comes from vanilla orchid fruit which is then dried and preserved for use in many form of flavouring, especially cakes.  TOP RIGHT: The Weinblatter are leaves from the grape vine, usually used by dipping into olive oil and wrapping it around rice, or even minced meat or mutton, just as you would use a ‘pohpiah’ skin to make a pohpiah.

I always find it hard to resist Pretzels, not so much because of its taste, but more for its unique shapes.

IMG_2020 IMG_2019

TOP LEFT: German Sausages are always known to be extra large compared to our local sausages, purposely shown in the picture placed next to a normal sized luncheon meat (Halal) can.  TOP RIGHT:  Luncheon Meat that are Halal are also available in extra huge sizes.

Who can resist premium chocolates like these?

And if that’s not enough reason to make you want to drop by the German Shop immediately, I should inform you that they are having a promotion period in conjunction with their opening in KB.

On Promotion!
Many of their items are currently on promotions. Shown in the picture is the Monster Munch chips selling for $5 for 2! Usual price of this item is $2.99 each, which is still cheaper than any other shops around even without the promotion.
More promotions
More irresistable snacks on promotion!

If you drop by the German Shop early enough, you can also find freshly home made German bread.

Fresh German Bread
Fresh home-made German bread are available here, unfortunately for me, was all gone by the time I got there.
A little sampling of the fresh German bread dipped in sesampaste sauce (olive oil with sesame seeds).

The German Shop is hosted in a modest sized shoplot, located behind the bus station of Kuala Belait, along Jalan Masjid.  Other nearby landmarks are the Clock Tower, HSBC and the 1.80 Store.

The secret treasure map to German gold.

The German Shop opens everyday except Sunday from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm.


So what are you waiting for?  Do drop by to the German Shop and surely you will find products that you fancy or never seen before at any other place.  Just make sure you don’t go on a Sunday!

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