There’s no I in TEAM

Quite often, the word ‘team’ is used so much that people forget the real meaning of a team.  Many a times, the extend in which teamwork is taught has been taken for granted.

The members of Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait’s (CHMSKB) Badminton Team are constantly taught the discipline of a team.  To them, a team is not only for the mere purpose of going for competitions.  As a team, they go for training together; drills, push-ups, drills, running, drills, sit-ups, drills and more drills, all the hardship they endure together.  The teamwork does not end there, as they are taught to ensure they clean up training venue, no matter where, is cleaned up together before anyone of them can go home; nets, poles, used shuttlecocks, empty bottles are all kept away.

At the end of the day, they go home together, tired and exhausted, each of them pondering why they bother to go through all that torture, but all that thought is washed away by the the sense of belonging that they have for each other in a team.

Come competition day, they are excited and nervous, but never scared, because they know that they have each other’s back no matter what the outcome is.  Sharing is caring, hence their tears of joy and tears of sadness are shared together.

The recent competition organized by BSRC (Brunei Shell Recreation Club) Badminton Section has allowed the players of Chung Hua KB the chance to shine, not only in terms of their badminton skills, but more importantly, their teamwork.

Training Discussion
Coach briefing the Chung Hua KB players at the end of a training session as they prepare for the competition. Picture courtesy from Jan Shim.
Explaining the way it works
Main organizer Nur Liyana explaining the competition system to the ever-supportive parents that were present.
Flipping the coin
Flipping the coin to determine which side gets to choose to have the first serve.
Tossing the shuttle.
Or alternatively, tossing the shuttlecock to see which side it will point to after it lands.
Every point counts as Edward Wong of Chung Hua KB making a dive for the shuttle.
Every point counts
Partners Lau Tat Keen and Bryan Arden covering each other making sure no corners are missed.
Jump Smash
The player from Perdana Wazir initiating an explosive, yet somewhat graceful jump smash.
Best Player
Meet Samantha Lee of Chung Hua KB. At the tender age of 10 (Year 5), she has won the trophy for the Best Player for showing her courage and determination, despite her age and size against very opponents who were much older and stronger than her.
Killing the shuttle
Amalie Chin of Sayyidina Ali jumps to kill the play while her partner Chan Sin Yee stands by for the next hit.
Universal Sign
This universal sign is used when a player, from all the adrenalin rush, accidentally hits the shuttle unto the body of the opponent (sometimes the face) causing injury. “Sorry!”
Partners Eunice Lou and Kimberly Law hi-five each other after winning a play.
Can't Believe
Nicholas Lee of Chung Hua KB breaks down on the court after winning a long and hard match against his all-time foe.
It is customary for both sides to shake hands and congratulate each other after having played their best in a match.
Cheering crowds
Teammates and parents alike clapping and cheering on.
The crowd goes wild
The crowd goes wild as the players give out their best performance and giving the audience an exciting game to watch.
Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait's Team A & B
One for the album as Team A & B of Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait, after winning the 2nd and 3rd place positions, poses with Principal Hong Geok Cheng and members of the BSRC Badminton Section Committee.
Best Team Spirit
The Best Team Spirit Trophy

It is with the genuine teamwork that the Chung Hua KB team has displayed that won them the trophy for the BEST TEAM SPIRIT award.

Lastly, to the people who must not be left out, without which all these display of teamwork, competitive spirit and togetherness would not have been possible; well done to the BSRC Badminton Section committee members!

The capable BSRC Badminton Section Committee Members posing for a group picture as the month long BSRC Inter-school Competition comes to an end.

The full collection of pictures for the BSRC Inter-school Competition 2012 can be found here:


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