Best Laksa in KB

I have been living in Kuala Belait (KB) for a few long years now, and I have always asked around, “Where is the best laksa in KB?”.  I’m quite a fan of laksa and have cravings for it quite often.  Many suggestions were given, and I have tried them all; to my dissatisfaction; mainly because of the sauce not having enough texture or enough taste.

Most may already know that Laksa originated from the Baba-Nyonya culture in Melaka; but have you ever wondered why is it called Laksa?  “Laksa” is actually derived from the chinese word 辣沙, which means “spicy sand” after direct translation to English, in which it refers to the grounded dried prawns which gives the sauce the sandy texture and red colour.

So where is the best Laksa in KB?  Unfortunately, I have to apologize, because my answer is going to disappoint many.  The best laksa in KB is only made and available to a few lucky members of an organization.  Even for these few lucky members, they only get to have this mouth-watering-to-die-for laksa ONCE a year!  And I was lucky enough to be there when this year’s laksa day was served!

IMG_0424 IMG_0430
Members preparing the ingredients.

Cucumbers happened to be one of my favourite vegetables.

Some of other ingredients that are important in a Laksa dish.

Once you have all the ingredients, all you need is the Laksa sauce.  Typically, any Laksa fan would say that the more red the sauce looks, the better it will taste.

Preparing the Laksa sauce takes hours of heating.

Stir and stir, almost ready.

Luck was with me as I was allowed to enter the ‘operation centre’ of the Master Chef.  The ingredients was arranged in rows as members work to put all the ingredients together.  It’s amazing how fast it is all done.

Once the ingredients are all put together, the bowls are all put to one side, ready to be served.  The Laksa is only missing the sauce, in which the individual members would need to personally grab a bowl and fill the sauce themselves to their liking (some prefer lots of sauce, some prefer less sauce with more ingredients).

And so, I customized my own Cyril’s Laksa.  Personally, I prefer less sauce but more eggs, more cucumber, more chicken with a slight dash of chili padi and end it with a few drops of lime!

And walla~ my very own Cyril’s Laksa, customized to my own liking.  How can this not be the best Laksa in KB?

So where is this unique and fun organization?  Only in Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait!  Thanks to Cikgu Hamidah who is a veteran teacher of the school and also head of the Staff Welfare, she conducts this ‘Laksa Day’ once a year for all teachers and staff of the school.  Thank you Cikgu Hamidah!

Smiles from part of the work force, the others were too shy to pose (YES teachers can be shy too!), posing with the 84 bowls of Laksa to cater for all the 84 teachers and staff of Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait.  And Cikgu Hamidah, the brains behind OPS LAKSA stands at the far-right.

I have satisfied my craving for Laksa today (for now).  Oh God, I have to wait another year for the best Laksa in KB!  Missing it already!  Sad smile

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