Anacamp Smoke House

I have been hearing and seeing a lot of my friends telling me about this amazing new place called Anacamp Smoke House, especially for her Pork Burger.  The first thing that went through my mind when my friends mentioned it was that it’s a stall opened by someone named Ana?  So since then I have told myself that my family and I shall try out the place one day, and we had just the right opportunity last Sunday.

It was a cloudy day, and that evening, it has just started to drizzle.  We arrived to Anacamp just before the sun has set, and found that we were the first patrons.  It wasn’t hard to locate the place, as it’s situated right next to Merdeka Mall, Miri, at the stony car park area.  You won’t miss it.

Welcome to Anacamp Smoke House
Anacamp Smoke House signboard with it’s deer logo. You won’t miss it.

We made our way into the stall and saw an interesting menu titled “Tobay’s Special”, which I’m sure was intentional.  My wife ordered the Grilled Pork Ribs and I ordered the infamous Pork Burger for myself.

Tobay’s Special is….

While we were waiting for our orders, the stall owner came back with fresh ingredients to stock up his kitchen.  To our pleasant surprise, he was an old friend, none other than Jackson!  It was all smiles from there as it has been many donkey years since we last saw each other.  (But deep in my heart I was cursing my friends for not telling me it was his stall! Ha ha, just kidding… chill!)

Apparently, the name Anacamp actually stands for “Anak Army Camp (Children of the Army Camp)”.  You see, all the years that I have known Jackson and his brothers, they were staying in the army garrison quarters as their father was in the army serving the country.  Hence the name Anak Army Camp, abbreviated to Anacamp.

While I was busy catching up with Jackson, my son, Mark decided to roam the stall and met with Mr. Crab.

“Come any closer and I’ll snap you into two”
Chef Jackson preparing our orders personally, making sure the food is grilled to perfection.
BBQ goodness!
Traditional charcoal grilled for the best flavours.

By the time we knew it, our orders were served.  First impression: yummy bbq goodness!

Big Pork Burger for only RM5.
Home-made extra thick pork patty. Macdonald’s Quarterpounder can go play far far.
Upon a closer look….
Grilled Pork Ribs, huge enough for two persons. If you have a faint stomach, please do not try finishing this alone.
Tender, juicy, delicious bbq’ed pork meat like the good ‘ol days.

It was a very satisfying meal, I must say.  It has been a long time since I last indulged myself into such good barbeque food.  If you’re one who loves pork and can’t live without it, then this is a place you must patronize often.  Along with the good food, they serve good-old beer which has always been the best accompaniment for any bbq!  If you’re one for something more has the basics such as Baileys, Kahlua, even cocktails such as Long Island Ice Tea, Round the World, Graveyard, Screwdriver, and the favourites such as Blue Facebook, Green Lantern and Lychee Martini.

I will surely be back to try the chef’s other specialties: Spaghetti Marinari, Chicken Wings, Chicken Rice (seems out of place? but can’t wait to try it nevertheless)!

Anacamp Smoke House is operates everyday from 5.00pm to 12.00 am (but may drag all the way till 2.00 am depending on the customers).  Closed on Saturdays.

The stall was filled with patrons as we made our way home. Definitely won’t be my last time here. Until I eat you again!

2 thoughts on “Anacamp Smoke House

  1. Awesome foods! Lay back ambience. Bring variety to the Mirian. My family loves the foods.

    It’s funny that not many knows that Jackson has also a sister who is very much alive…lol.

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