The Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Chinese New Year (CNY) is now officially over, and now I sit in front of my computer recollecting the 15 days that has gone by like a breeze.  The horoscopes all says that since I was born in the year of the Dragon (fire dragon to be exact), there would be a lot of clashes installed for me this year.  The experts says that I need to watch out for my spending as the incoming ‘flow’ of money is not good this year.  Somehow that advice came a bit too late after having spent a huge amount of money end of last year on camera lens and my room’s renovation.

No doubt, my family and I had many new experiences this year.  We were definitely much more ‘active’ that last year’s CNY which we didn’t do much, mainly resting.  However, it was totally the opposite for my parents, as they were the ones who stayed in this year, only because my father is had a bad fall a week before prior to CNY and his leg is in a cast.

Due to my father being not able to follow his usual routines, we had quite different CNY.  The difference was apparent starting from CNY eve, where Janet was the one cooking, and I helped out in bathing the dogs!  Not that I’ve never bathed the dogs before, but I have not had that chance ever since I started work in Brunei.

Goldie the shitzu, reacting after I took her out from the ‘bathtub’.
Coco the german shepherd’s turn to bath.

CST120124-010 CST120124-011

Freshly steamed chicken straight out of wok.
Roasted Duck, a rare dish in our family usual dishes.
Char Siew and Roasted Pork… simply delicious.
Pinky the fish?
Steamed chicken prepared by my dearest wifey, Janet.
Poor dad is wheel-chair bound this whole Chinese New Year.
And the war begins…. explosions right outside our doorsteps.
A huge walt-disney like firework explodes into a shower right behind my house.

Our new year in Miri wasn’t that much interesting.  We visited some close friends and had my relative visiting us, including my mei mei Esther (and her other two stooges).

Esther mei mei and her two stooges paying her Ah Ko a visit.
When baby and baby collide…
Lovely moment where my childhood friend, James spending quality time with his son.
Where the games are… there Mark will be.
The kids chilling…

I had to return to Brunei on the second day of the CNY because school starts on the day after that! This is where things started to get interesting. This was the first time that my wife and kids came over to Brunei for CNY. We visited a few close student friends and that proved to be a very interesting experience. There was Alina Mei Mei’s house (who was also celebrating Amalie’s birthday), Amanda’s house (which Mandy so love the slide), Nicholas’s house (we had so much fun with Coco), Steph’s house (first time ever! its somewhat a miracle ‘cos she never wanted me to see her house before this), Rachel’s house (which saw me ending up with a photo session with her dogs ><), Eunice’s house (which we had fun with fireworks and saw her epic Lego collection).

Ever seen lions taking a sunbath? Only in Chung Hua Middle School Kuala Belait.
The lions shedding their skin.
Birthday girl Amalie, seated with her family and friends. Mandy didn’t want to miss out on the excitement!
Blowing her birthday candles the 16th time.
Mandy feels so happy being around these girls.
Amanda’s family with Amanda’s family.
Mandy shouted “Slide!” as soon as she entered the house, even before seeing the slide itself.
At Nicholas’ awesome house… complete with a fuzball table, and a toy dog.
The Pondlelicious Coco Lee.
The house where chocolate bars are served to you in basketfulls!
This is Yang-Yang, part of the Ying-Yang pair.
And this is Ying Ying, the other part of the Ying-Yang pair.
Congrats to guinea who recently gave birth!  She didn’t even looked pregnant. ><

Apart from visiting, my flatmates (Henry, Yek, Lau) and I organized an open house so that our student friends could visit us as well.  It was the first time I ever had students coming to visit me in my hostel.  Previous years, my room was small, but since I moved to my new room this year, I was confident to be able to host at least a few people in my room this time.

Cinderelly and Cinderella… which shoes are whose?
These two, Janis and Xiao Yan ended up doing the cooking instead.. ha ha. Thank you!
The seniors raiding the food.
One for the album! Wan Chin has kidnapped my bear!
Second batch of friends….
My ‘daughters’.
Playing cards are a must for every Chinese New Year.
Who is winning?
Even polar bear came to visit.

It was starting to be a tradition that, anyone who comes into my room, will want to climb up to my bed area!  I think people enjoy going up there is because it makes them feel as if they are reliving their childhood?  Correct me if I’m wrong!  Ha ha.

Everytime I’m up there, I feel like I’m reliving my childhood days.
Another group of friends who had to climb up.
Sleeping baby… too comfortable up there?

As for Chap Goh Mei (the last day of Chinese New Year), it was spent with my flatmates and a few of our close friends in KB.  Our masterchef Henry cooked for all of us, but I did contribute as well by cooking char kueh tiaw.  After dinner, we originally planned to play some card games but ended up with doing ‘yoga’ from playing Twister!

Chap Goh Mei dinner with flatmates and friends. Philip can’t keep his eyes off the food.
After dinner exercise.
Miss Tawny finds herself in trouble, she has been pinned down by big blocks.
STOPPPPPPPPPPPP~~~~ posing first~~~~ smile~~~~~~~~

To sum it all up, my Chinese New Year was a fantastic one.  Not only did I get to spend time with my family, but I managed to bring them to Brunei for CNY to meet my student friends who some they have met and some have not, we thoroughly enjoyed all the moments that we shared, friends and family alike.  Lesson learnt through it all…. Twister is a good exercise game!  Had  whole body and muscle ache the next day!

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