Brunei Strongest Man 2011

Whenever I see a newspaper article with headings of “Strong Man” or the likes, I immediately have the glistering image of overly muscular men flexing their muscles on stage, at the same time, having to smile like they are in Colgate advertisement with their heavenly white teeth against their tanned and toned body.  This was SO NOT the case for the BRUNEI STRONGEST MAN 2011 competition that was held recently on the 18 December 2011 at Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifudden.

Brunei Strongest Man 2011
See anything interesting in this poster? 🙂

This strong man competition is actually quite interesting, where it is divided into 3 categories: The tyre flip, the dumbbell lifting and the car deadlift.

Tyre Flip
Tyre as gigantic as a human
Dumbbell Lifting
These dumbbells are 40KG each side. Altogether making it 82KG including the steel bar that holds the weights.
Car Deadlift
Do you think you can move this gigantic beast? The floor is smooth as silk.

The tyre flip is actually quite simple;  flip the tyre from the starting line to the finishing point as fast as you can before the time runs out.  THE PROBLEM: the tyre is as high as a human body and weights about 300 whooping kilograms.

Tyre Flip
This is how it is lifted. Looks easy?
Seeing the facial expressions from these buffed participants gives you an indication on how heavy it is.

Not as easy as you think… participants catching their breath.

This is how many people it takes to lift the tyre back to the starting position.

The dumbbell lift is also quite simple; lift the two dumbbells continuously as far as you can without placing the dumbbell back on the ground once you start. If as soon as the dumbbell touches the ground, distance is measured from that point. THE PROBLEM: the weights are 40KG each side, making it a total of 80KG, in addition to the 2KG metal bar that holds the weights, and one needs to carry them without wearing any gloves, which is extremely painful even for the regular weight lifters.

It’s not easy lifting these 82 kilograms of solid steel while walking the distance.

The agonizing pain as the steel starts sinking into sink.

Time’s Up! … disappointment.

The car deadlift; pull a Ford Everest that is attached to a rope as fast as you can within a certain given time. THE PROBLEM: The tyres of the car has been slightly deflated so that the car does not continuously move so easily from the momentum plus the floor on which the participants are standing is slippery smooth.

Simple objective, pull the beast all the way to the finish line within the given time.

Reality starting to sink in as participants struggle with moving it even for an inch.

Never giving up, giving it all their might.

The sweet smell of victory only inches away.

A well earned rest as the participant continues to lie on the floor after pulling the beast all the way to the finish line.

Participants showing us how ‘easy’ it is to move the beast.

I had no regrets covering this function.  It was definitely a very interesting day.  I’ve found that the term “STRONGEST MAN” in this aspect does not only refer to the physical strength of the person, but also the determination of the person.  I’ve seen participants with the strength of a grizzly bear, but just could not complete the circuit without a strong determination and will.  I’ve seen participants with the body size of a deer, but impressively aweing the audience with his determination and will.  Truth is, to be Brunei’s Strongest Man, you need to have BOTH.

The events are not without its dangers; participants risk serious injuries taking part in it.
The two picture above shows one of the participants losing his balance,
as a result the heavy dumbbells landed on this leg.

Injured participant being carried away on a stretcher by the first-aid team.

Winners and some of the judges

At the end of the day, everyone was impressed with the show of might and determination from all the participants.  Their family members are definitely proud of their achievement on this day… win or lose.

At the end of the day, everyone was impressed with the show of might and determination from all the participants. Family members are definitely proud of their achievement on this day… win or lose.

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    1. Hi bro, yes I do have more of the pictures. The pictures on the blog are only selected ones. Have you tried contacting the organizers to get the pictures? I’ve passed all the pictures to Devon and her group.

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